UAE traffic fine: 10 violations not covered by Sharjah's 50% discount scheme

Motorists can benefit from the scheme for a month but some exemptions have been laid out

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Published: Sat 4 Mar 2023, 6:17 PM

Last updated: Sat 4 Mar 2023, 10:37 PM

Sharjah recently announced a 50 per cent discount on traffic fines for violations recorded before March 31 — however, the police stressed that this will not apply to serious offences.

In addition to penalties being cut by half, impoundment orders and black points will be cancelled under the new scheme, the authorities said.

Ten specific traffic violations are not covered by the discount, said Capt Saud Al Shiba, director of the Traffic Awareness and Media Branch at the Traffic and Patrols Department of the Sharjah Police, as quoted in Arabic newspaper Al Khaleej.

Here's the list of excluded offences, along with corresponding fines:

  1. Driving a vehicle in a way that endangers his life or those of others: Dh2,000 fine, 23 black points
  2. Driving a vehicle in a way that would cause damage to public or private facilities: Dh2,000 and 23 points
  3. Driving under the influence of alcohol (penalty will be decided by the court)
  4. Driving without number plates: Dh3,000 fine, 23 points
  5. Overspeeding by more than 80kmph: Dh3,000 fine, 23 points
  6. Running away from traffic police to avoid penalty: Dh800 fine, 12 points
  7. Causing a person's death due to a traffic violation (penalty is decided by court, plus 23 points)
  8. Causing an accident or injuries due to a traffic violation (penalty is decided by court, plus 23 points)
  9. Modifying a vehicle's engine without authorisation: Dh1,000 fine, 12 points
  10. Using a vehicle to transport hazardous materials without licence: Dh3,000 fine, 24 points

Earlier, Sharjah also announced that effective April 1, 2023, motorists will get a 35 per cent discount if the fine payment is made within 60 days from the date of committing the violation. If the fine is paid between 60 days and one year of committing the violation, motorists will get a 25 per cent discount.


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