UAE: Police help Indian YouTuber find bag forgotten in taxi; 8 other miracle lost-and-found stories

Madan Gowri's case is not the first time authorities have helped visitors and residents in the country retrieve misplaced belongings, even missing children

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Published: Tue 2 May 2023, 7:49 PM

Madan Gowri, a prominent YouTuber and social media influencer from India, recently found himself in a dilemma after forgetting his bags in a taxi. He had little to worry about though, thanks to authorities in Abu Dhabi, who quickly ensured Madan could retrieve his lost belongings without any hassle.

Taking to Twitter to share the tale, Madan says that after providing authorities with details of his journey, he was pleasantly surprised to receive a message notifying him that his bag was found and waiting to be collected from the exact location where the taxi had dropped him off. "Abu Dhabi is awesome," he wrote, sharing a screenshot of the interaction.

However, Madan had very little to worry about from the word go; after all, UAE is listed among the safest cities in the world. And this is not the first time authorities have helped visitors and residents in the country retrieve misplaced belongings — and even missing children — from public places.

Life savings returned

Take Abu Dhabi resident Abu Khadija, who helped a colleague recover his life savings which he forgot in a taxi. The colleague, who moved to the UAE from New Zealand, forgot the money in a cab and was shattered. With Khadija's help, the incident was reported to the police, and the very same evening, authorities returned the entire money to him.

Missing girl found

In April this year, a six-year-old Russian girl was reunited with her mother after she went missing amid the crowds on JBR Beach during the recent Eid Al Fitr holidays. Patrolling officers immediately formed a search team to locate the child and managed to find the girl in under 30 minutes.

Missing child in Dubai Mall

It was the weekend after New Year celebrations when UAE-based explorer Naaji Noushi lost her son in Dubai Mall. For the first half an hour, the family searched the crowded mall, searching for him in van. They approached the mall security and within 10 minutes, located her son. The relieved mum later thanked Dubai Police for their help.

Dh110,000 watch found

A Kyrgyz tourist, who lost a watch worth Dh110,000 during her visit to Dubai, never thought she would ever get her luxury timepiece back; after all, she didn't file a report when it went missing one year ago. But when she returned to the city in January 2023, she got the biggest surprise as the Dubai Police's Lost and Found Department returned the watch.

Emirates finds custom Apple watch

In February 2022, American YouTuber Casey Neistat was flying from Dubai to the US when he found out that he had lost his custom Apple watch at Dubai airport. However, to his surprise, Dubai-based Emirates airline not only found his watch, but went out of the way to ship it to California and deliver it to his doorstep in an envelope.

Misplaced marriage certificate

A couple of years ago, a German man was left distraught after losing his marriage certificate. Hoping against hope, the tourist wrote to Dubai Police about the hotel where he stayed during his trip to the city. In this case too, the authority not only found his marriage certificate but also delivered it to him.

Passport found

Sudanese visitor Yahiya Abdul had forgotten his passport in a cab on the day he was flying out of Dubai. He was thinking of rescheduling his trip and contacting his embassy to request a new passport when he got a call from Dubai Police. They found the passport with the help of the Road and Transport Authority and returned to the man within 30 minutes.

Surprise parcel from Dubai Police

Despite being in France, a tourist who had lost his phone in Dubai in 2019 was able to recover it with the help of the Dubai Police. He e-mailed all the details and documents required to the authorities who managed to find his smartphone and return it to him in France.


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