Dubai: Emirates finds custom Apple watch lost at airport, flies it back to owner in US

American YouTuber Casey Neistat lauds airline for the kind deed.


Sherouk Zakaria

Published: Thu 10 Feb 2022, 5:44 PM

Last updated: Thu 10 Feb 2022, 10:24 PM

When a popular American YouTuber was flying from Dubai to the US this week, he was upset as he had lost his custom Apple watch at Dubai airport. However, to Casey Neistat’s eternal surprise, he woke up on Thursday to find the watch at his doorstep in the United States.

Dubai-based Emirates airline not only found his watch, but went out of the way to ship it to California and deliver it to his doorstep in an envelope!

On Thursday morning, Neistat tweeted, “[three] days ago I left my apple watch at security in the Dubai airport. @emirates airline found the watch, put it on a plane, flew it to California, drove it to my house and handed it to me in an envelope.”

“that was very nice of you Emirates, thank you.”

Neistat had forgotten his watch at the security gate of Dubai International Airport’s Terminal 3 before getting into an Emirates flight back home to California.

On February 7, he reached out to his two million Twitter followers with a picture of his watch, tweeting: “If anyone finds it please gimme a call. i really liked that watch. (my phone number is embroidered under where it says ‘REWARD’).”

A few hours later, Neistat was shocked to see that Emirates airline themselves had tweeted back, saying: “Found it! We’re working on getting it back to you safely now.”

“This is the absolute, number 1, most incredible thing any airline has ever done in all my years of flying,” Neistat replied.

He added: “First they put a shower on an airplane then they find my watch that i lost in the airport. is there nothing this airline can’t do?!”

The watch is precious for Neistat. He had recently shared with his followers about customising it. “I like the apple watch but hate the look. they all look the same and imo lack character. this makes me feel [like] this thing strapped to my wrist is my own,” he had told his followers on January 24.

It was not the first time Neistat had lost a precious item. He said once he had lost his wife’s suitcase on a local flight on their way to New York City for Christmas. The suitcase, with all his wife’s favourite clothes was never recovered.

“When i tweeted [about] this i thought all hope was lost,” he said, referring to his lost watch. “Then, lost at sea, land appeared on the horizon,” Neistat posted when he received the watch.

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