From medical coding officer to Mahzooz millionaire mother: Indian expat in UAE 'overcome with emotion' after winning prize

The 38-year-old mother of four has been participating the draw regularly, believing that she is contributing to a noble cause

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By Web Desk

Published: Wed 5 Apr 2023, 12:33 PM

Last updated: Wed 5 Apr 2023, 12:57 PM

In its 122nd weekly draw held on Saturday April 1, 2023, Mahzooz announced its fourth and first female 'guaranteed' millionaire who won Dh1 million. Hameda, a 38-year-old Indian mother of four, has lived in Abu Dhabi, UAE for the past three years and works as a medical coder.

Hameda used to be inspired by Mahzooz’s winner stories that she had read in the news. She had never really considered trying her luck until a friend suggested she participate in Mahzooz eight months ago. Even when she started participating regularly, Hameda always did so with the intention of contributing to a noble cause. Hameda used to believe that by participating in Mahzooz, she was contributing a speck of luck to making another Mahzooz participant a winner, and she felt good about it.

Hameda recalls with fondness the day she learned of her victory. She couldn't watch the live draw because she was at her child's football game on Saturday evening. She awoke on Sunday morning to a call from the Mahzooz team informing her that she had won, and she dismissed that call as a prank call. However, when the Mahzooz team called her recurrently on Sunday to inform her of her win, she realized she had won and asked her husband to check her Mahzooz account. "I've never entered a raffle or won anything in my life so this has been a delightful surprise to me!” Hameda exclaims. "For me, this is a dream come true, and I can't believe it."

Hameda is still processing the fact that she is a millionaire. When asked how she is planning to spend her windfall, the ecstatic mother replied, "I've been busy planning. I have two children who want to study medicine, as well as two school-age children, so this windfall will be useful. Obviously, I want to share my joy with my family. Since learning of my victory, I've been overcome with emotion. I never imagined myself in this situation. Mahzooz has completely transformed my life, and I am eternally grateful. I will use this win to secure my family's future."

Hameda is the first female and the fourth millionaire to win the guaranteed Dh1 million under the new prize structure. The new game structure went into effect a month ago, and Mahzooz now guarantees a millionaire every week. As part of its upgraded prize structure, Mahzooz’s weekly prizes have changed, yet the rules of participation remain the same. For only Dh35, participants can purchase a bottle of Mahzooz water, and enter the weekly draw consisting of the Grand Draw, for a chance to win the new top prize of Dh20 million and the new weekly Raffle Draw, which will grant Dh1 million every week to a 'guaranteed' millionaire-to-be.

In the same 122nd Mahzooz draw, 24 other participants matched four out of five numbers and shared the second prize of Dh200,000, earning Dh8,333 each. 958 other winners matched three out of five numbers and received Dh250 each.

In addition to the already generous weekly prizes on offer, participants can expect to win different gold prizes throughout the holy month of Ramadan. A lucky participant will have a chance to win 300g of gold next week.

Abdulaziz became the second winner of the Ramadan gold promotion and won himself 200g of gold coins in the 122nd draw.


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