As it happened: Rains disrupt Dubai Metro services, cause traffic diversions on Sheikh Zayed Road

Unstable weather conditions will continue to impact the country throughout Tuesday into Wednesday due to an extension of a 'low surface pressure'


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Published: Tue 16 Apr 2024, 8:50 AM

Last updated: Wed 17 Apr 2024, 2:33 AM

Thunder rumbling non-stop and lightning streaking through the skies woke UAE residents as heavy rainfall battered the country late Monday night into Tuesday morning.

Unstable weather conditions continue to impact the UAE from Monday through Wednesday due to an extension of a "low surface pressure" and two waves of unstable weather to move across the country on Tuesday, the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has announced.

As the inclement weather peaked on Tuesday, April 16, take a look at all the updates that Khaleej Times brought through the day from across the UAE.

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As it happened:

11.05pm: Metro services continue to be disrupted, traffic gets relief

Heavy rainfall battered the country all through Tuesday – affecting delivery services and public transport.

Intercity bus services were suspended in multiple emirates, with parks and other open markets being shut as well.

Aside from that Dubai Metro services across the Red and Green Lines experienced several difficulties – with the latest affected route being from Max to UAE exchange. Buses were provided by authorities to stranded travellers.

Traffic on Sheikh Zayed Road was at a standstill for several hours on end, with many people disembarking from vehicles and walking on the arterial road instead.

A massive landslide struck the region of Al Qua in Al Ain, causing a gigantic crater-like collapse of a sandy road. The incident, triggered by heavy rains and overflowing wadis, significantly altered the course for drivers in the area.

Regardless of the countless challenges that came by today, authorities battled the changing inclement weather to help residents stay safe across the UAE.

11pm: Traffic begins moving on SZR

Traffic has finally begun moving on Sheikh Zayed Road after hours of being on standstill. Many were seen disembarking their vehicles and walking on the arterial road, a few hours ago.

10.50pm: New alert issued

The National Centre of Meteorology has issued a new weather alert. The authority has now dropped the level of the alert from 'red' to 'orange'.

The area that has been alerted is also significantly smaller than earlier – with mostly internal areas being asked to stay 'prepared'.

The alert has been issued till 6pm, tomorrow.

10.33pm: Dubai Metro Green Line services disrupted

Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority has said in a tweet that the metro service from Abu Hail Station to Gold Souq Station has been affected by the unstable weather conditions.

A bus service has been provided for travellers.

10.18pm: Record levels of rainfall in UAE

According to data from the National Centre of Meteorology, more than 50 stations have recorded rainfall higher than 100mm, and 4 stations have recorded rainfall higher than 200mm.

These numbers are likely to rise by tomorrow as rainfall continues in parts of UAE.

10.02pm: All flydubai flights departing from DXB cancelled

All flydubai flights scheduled for departure from Dubai on April 16 have been cancelled. This is effective immediately until 10am on April 17, a spokesperson for the airline said in a statement to Khaleej Times.

“During this period, passengers who do not have Dubai as their final destination will not be accepted for travel. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and update our schedule accordingly. This will allow us to restore operational continuity more efficiently and accommodate arriving flights from around the network where possible.”

9.43pm: Watch Abu Dhabi Police's rescue efforts

9.30pm: Heavy rains cause malls in Dubai to flood

Videos across social media have been showing some malls where water has been leaking from ceilings, causing it to accumulate on the floor, 'flooding' the area.

In one such video, that has been doing the rounds on WhatsApp and TikTok, water is gushing down from the ceiling in Mall of the Emirates. A piece of the ceiling even came crashing down. Some stores had pulled down their shutters to contain the damage.

Watch the video below:

Click here to read the full story.

9.15pm: Waterlogged streets in Sharjah

Take a look at how residents are dealing with waterlogged streets – pushing broken down cars, wading through knee deep water.

9pm: Remote work in Fujairah tomorrow

The Fujairah Government announced that remote work will continue tomorrow "Wednesday", April 17, for the emirate's government employees, due to the ongoing weather conditions.

However, jobs requiring presence at the workplace, as determined by the relevant authority within each government department, are excluded, according to the announcement.

8.50pm: Residents stranded across Dubai

Hundreds are stranded at Dubai Mall as there is no word when the Metro will resume. Similarly many are stuck at Jebel Ali Metro Station.

On Sheikh Zayed Road as well, residents have stepped out of buses and taxis – walking on the road to skip the traffic that has been at a standstill since 3.30pm.

8.45pm: Pray at home, mosques say

Mosques across Dubai and Sharjah rang out with a message, asking Muslims to offer their prayers at home as the UAE grappled with the effects of heavy rains. Videos posted on social media show the call for prayer for Isha (night prayer) at Sharjah mosques featuring an additional line, asking worshippers to offer their prayer at home.

8.25pm: Intercity buses in Dubai suspended

The RTA took to X to inform motorists that the following intercity bus services have been suspended until further notice.

  • Dubai and Abu Dhabi
  • Dubai and Sharjah
  • Dubai and Ajman

8.03pm: Rizwan Sajan takes the metro to work

Many Dubai residents heeded the authorities’ call to use the Dubai Metro on Tuesday. One of them was Dubai-based billionaire, Danube Group’s founder, and chairman, Rizwan Sajan.

“I came by the metro and I strongly recommend anybody who wishes to come to the office to take metro because it’s much easier and faster,” Sajan said in a message on his Instagram account.

“When you have the will, you will always find a way to make it happen. I went to the office by metro due to heavy rain,” said the billionaire.

7.57pm: Remote work, online schools in Abu Dhabi tomorrow

Abu Dhabi authorities have announced that remote work and schools have been extended for schools and government entities to Wednesday, April 17 2024, excluding jobs that require presence in the workplace.

7.35pm: Parents become teachers as they juggle office and home

Families where both parents are working, and children are still young face major challenges navigating work and overlooking their children’s online classes.

KT's Nandini Sircar reached out to a few families to understand how they managed to switch both roles.

American expat in Dubai Natalia Miranda said, “My day is chaotic at best, we are not on Teams for school today as he’s still young. However, I did do a pre-emptive writing assignment with him during the Spring holiday. After many tears it was submitted on Seesaw (school portal) yesterday.”

7.26pm: Ajman authorities urge residents to stay home

Ajman authorities have asked residents to to stay at home and avoid going out except when necessary.

7.02pm: Travellers face significant delays today

Travellers from the UAE faced significant delays in their flights on Tuesday, reports Nasreen Abdulla.

Dubai resident Rihea Sadarangani waited inside her aircraft for over three hours before taking off for her destination.

“My flight was supposed to take off at 1pm,” she said, speaking to Khaleej Times. “I boarded at 12.45pm and the flight didn’t take off till around 4.20pm. The thunderstorm was quite heavy during this time, and I could see the rain lashing against my windows.”

6.50pm: Red alert issued across country

The National Centre of Meteorology has issued a red alert across many areas of the country.

The authority has asked residents to remain 'extremely vigilant' as hazardous weather events of exceptional severity are forecast. The alert has been issued till 6pm, tomorrow.

6.40pm: Lightning, heavy rains continue in Sharjah

Heavy rains continue pouring across Sharjah as lightning streaks the sky.

6.32pm: Dubai Metro Red Line services disrupted

The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai has said in an announcement that Metro services from Onpassive metro station till Jebel Ali metro station have been affected.

The authority has added that a bus service has been provided to transport passengers at the affected stations.

6.25pm: UAE extends remote work for government employees

Government employees in the UAE have been directed to work from home tomorrow as well, through an announcement. The advisory was issued due to worsening weather conditions across the country.

6.20pm: Ajman Police rescue efforts

Ajman Police is leaving no stone unturned in keeping valleys and roads safe for residents.

The authority is not only patrolling areas that are prone to more damage but is also directing traffic and helping residents by cordoning off unsafe areas.

6.10pm: Rumbling thunder, lightning begins again

The storm has intensified again in parts of Dubai, with lightning streaking skies as heavy rains pour.

Watch the video below:

6.02pm: Sharjah extends remote work for another day

Federal employees in Sharjah will continue to work remotely tomorrow, Wednesday, April 17, as weather conditions worsen across the country.

This directive applies to all government departments, bodies and institutions.

5.54pm: DXB suspends operations

Dubai International Airport has said that it had suspended operations temporarily for 25 minutes due to the intense storm.

Operations have commenced since then, it added in a tweet.

5.43pm: Silver lining

Not everyone thought the day was as gloomy – children, who were all studying remotely, stepped out to play when skies cleared.

They were spotted jumping in puddles and playing games as temperatures dipped in the country.

5.39pm: Another day of remote work in Dubai

Dubai has extended the remote working period for government employees as well as private school students amid escalating unstable weather conditions in the country.

All federal entities and private schools will operate remotely on Wednesday, April 17.

The authority has also called on private companies to allow employees to work from home and ensure workers' safety.

5.25pm: Dubai Civil Defence geared up!

The Civil Defence teams in Dubai have geared up to keep the city up and running. Take a look at some of their efforts.

5.17pm: Some bus services suspended

The Ras Al Khaimah Transport Authority has informed residents that city and intercity bus transport services will be temporarily suspended.

5.11pm: Lakes overflow, form puddles on roads

Communities and neighbourhoods across Dubai are seeing the impact of the rains now that skies have cleared.

In Jumeirah Islands, lakes have overflowed after the heavy rains causing water to accumulate on roads. Watch the video below:

5.06pm: Metro services disrupted

Red Line metro services have been disrupted, the RTA has informed residents in an alert.

The disruption is between UAE exchange and Dubai Internet City station and has been caused by unstable weather conditions.

Authorities have provided a bus service at the affected stations

4.40pm: Couples rescued as heavy rains flood resort

Two Russian couples faced a precarious situation during their staycation at Domes at Hatta resort as heavy rains flooded the resort's homestead.

The group of four friends, all residents of the UAE, were enjoying their getaway when the risky situation befell upon them. Since their arrival on the previous day, the group had been experiencing pleasant weather.

The forecast certainly turned out to be accurate, as the couples shared videos with Khaleej Times, showing how the water quickly flooded the resort, accumulating in a deluge that inundated the resort's garden and homestead by 11.43 am.

Click here to read how the couple was rescued in time.

4.35pm: Traffic on Sheikh Zayed Road diverted

The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai has put out an alert for residents: "For users of Sheikh Zayed Road, traffic has been diverted for those coming from Abu Dhabi towards Dubai. Please use the alternative roads, which are Expo Street and Al Yalayis Street."

4.28pm: Electricity, water supplies interrupted

In Abu Dhabi and Dubai, many buildings and neighbourhoods experienced an interruption in electricity and water supplies.

Shops and buildings in Abu Dhabi Island and Muroor had no electricity for more than an hour as a result of the strong winds and heavy rains which also shook many windows.

“Our window is shaking and it feels like it will fall on our heads. Water from the intense rainfall is entering through the shaking windows too,” said FD, who lives in a building in that area.

Similarly, other residents in the area shared their concerns of electricity and water supplies, MA said, “I have lived here for so many years now, and there was no interruption in electricity that has continued for more than an hour like this one; we definitely underestimated the strength of this storm.”

4.15pm: Orange alert issued

A nearly country-wide orange alert has been issued by the National Centre of Meteorology. Residents have been asked to 'be prepared' as hazardous weather events are expected.

The alert has been issued till 6pm, tomorrow.

4.07pm: Heavy traffic accumulates

Cars travelling on Sheikh Zayed Road are in the midst of bumper-to-bumper traffic. Visibility on roads has now improved, however, a nearly 2km-long tailback is holding up traffic on the city's arterial road.

Traffic is also heavy in the DIFC area, according to Google Maps, with several internal roads being displayed as closed.

4pm: Rain subsides slightly in Dubai

Warm sunlight is now peeking through the clouds as the intense rains have taken a backseat. Birds are chirping again and the sound of cars whooshing past on roads can finally be heard. Residents hesitantly step back out as the worst of the storm seems to have passed.

3.51pm: Roads flood in Sharjah

Roads across the country have been flooded. In Sharjah, visibility was very low when rains battered the emirate. Cars were traversing through the waters and motorists could be seen exercising extreme caution.

Watch the video below:

3.43pm: Residents battle almost knee-deep floods, water enters shops

Dubai residents can be seen wading through almost knee-deep waters in some areas. Many were seen rolling up their pants to cross flooded roads. However, they looked unfazed as the city has experienced something similar just last month.

KT Photo: Muhammad Sajjad
KT Photo: Muhammad Sajjad
KT Photo: Muhammad Sajjad
KT Photo: Muhammad Sajjad
KT Photo: Muhammad Sajjad
KT Photo: Muhammad Sajjad

3.30pm: Visibility drops

Residents in parts of Dubai witnessed a drop in visibility as heavy rains were accompanied by strong blowing winds. Skies turned greyish-yellow and cloud cover intensified as rains poured across the emirate.

3pm: Torrential rain batters UAE

It's pouring heavily in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and some long-time residents claim to have not witnessed such a downpour before. The visibility has been reduced significantly, making it difficult for motorists to navigate. Watch the rains coming down in the video below:

2.50pm: New wave of unstable weather

Residents are bracing for an incoming wave of unstable weather as they witness a tsunami-like cloud formation engulfing their neighbourhood. The strong wind and dark cloud cover created an atmosphere like nightfall on Tuesday afternoon.

2.27pm: Road closure due to landslide

An entire section of a road in the Shawka area on the Maliha-Kalba Road has caved in, posing significant danger to motorists. Ras Al Khaimah Police alerted drivers about the temporary closure and warned them of water accumulation.

The road will remain closed until authorities address the issue and restore normal traffic flow.

Watch the video below:

1.40pm: Umm Al Quwain road closure

Due to the weather conditions in the area and the heavy rainfall, the following exits have been closed on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Street in Umm Al Quwain — (Exit 93 - Exit 96 - Exit 110 - Exit 113).

Some internal roads in the Emirate were also closed due to the accumulation of rainwater.

1.37pm: Road closure towards Jebel Ali

Dubai's RTA asked motorists using Al Asayel and First Al Khail Streets coming from the Business Bay area towards Jebel Ali to use alternative roads such as Al Khail Street and Sheikh Zayed Road.

Photo: Rahul Gajjar
Photo: Rahul Gajjar

1.23pm: Tram services affected

Due to continuous rain and inclement weather conditions, Dubai Tram service has been disrupted between stations 1 and 8. Commuters have been requested to use bus service provided by RTA between the affected stations.

1.16pm: Exit 129 closed

The underpass of Exit 129 is temporarily closed until the competent authorities finish pumping out the accumulated water. Road users asked to take alternative routes.

1.15pm: Ring road in Kalba closed

The Sharjah Police announced the temporary closure of the ring road in Kalba due to the accumulation of rainwater and the overflowing valley. Motorists have been asked to use alternative routes.

1.11pm: Al Ain house flooded

Residents in an apartment building in Al Ain's Al Qattarah area grappled on Tuesday as water gushed into their home from all directions. The water levels rose above ankle level, flooding the entire flat. In the short clip, water could be seen pouring through the bathroom window of a ground-floor apartment.

Watch the video below how the maintenance providers struggled to control the flowing water.

1.05pm: Global Village closed

Global Village announced that the family entertainment destination will remain closed on April 16 due to adverse weather conditions and to ensure the safety of guests.

1.04pm: Some areas witnessing heavy rain

Ministry of Interior announced that some areas of the country are witnessing a depression accompanied by heavy rain with a chance of hail. Residents are asked to adhere to safety measures to preserve lives and property, avoid valley areas, water accumulation and torrent flow, exercise caution while driving vehicles, reduce speed and comply with the instructions of the competent authorities.

Photo: Shihab
Photo: Shihab

1.01pm: Delays at Airport Road

Dubai RTA cautioned motorists of delays expected on Airport Road. Passengers departing from Dubai International Airport have been advised to use the Dubai Metro and alternative routes such as Marrakesh Street and Rabat Street to reach easily.

12.52pm: Football matches postponed

The UAE Football Association has made the decision to postpone all matches scheduled for Tuesday, April 16, across all local football competitions. This move comes in response to the prevailing weather conditions and fluctuations experienced across the country.

12.35pm: Temporary closure of the entrance to the Kuwaiti market

KT journalist Waad Barakat reports that Ras Al Khaimah Police announced the temporary closure of the entrance to the Kuwaiti market due to water accumulation as a result of the tropical situation in the emirate. Until water withdrawal operations are completed by the concerned authorities

12.32pm: Dubai's crowning glory

All is not gloom and doom; there's a silver lining standing tall: Dubai's crowning glory, the iconic Burj Khalifa, showcasing its majestic silhouette against the backdrop of the rain.

View from Al Asayel St, Dubai. KT Photo: Rahul Gujjar
View from Al Asayel St, Dubai. KT Photo: Rahul Gujjar

12pm: New wave of unstable weather conditions to begin

Unstable weather, including heavy rain, thunder, lightning, and potential hail, will sweep across the UAE starting Tuesday afternoon, as part of the second wave. KT reporter, Nandini Sircar said that the new wave that starts later this afternoon would also witness an increase in convective cloud coverage, leading to varying intensities of rainfall.

The National Centre of Meteorology on Tuesday said that the first wave of unstable weather conditions prevailed from Monday evening to Tuesday noon.

Photo by Shihab
Photo by Shihab

11.41am: Flight disruptions

Flight operations at Dubai International Airport (DXB) were disrupted due to inclement weather on Tuesday, resulting in cancellations, delays and diversion of flights, Waheed Abaas reported. Dubai Airports confirmed that 17 inbound and outbound flights were impacted on Tuesday due to the bad weather.

11.40am: Road heading towards Al Khan Junctions blocked

A police vehicle blocks the road heading towards Al Khan Junctions in Al Majaz, Sharjah, due to water accumulation after the heavy rains that began on Tuesday morning. The rain continued till Tuesday noon, prompting police to issue an advisory for motorists to take precautionary measures and drive safely during the rain. Reports: Waheed Abbas

11.30am: Minimal traffic for office goers

Sharjah resident, Asim M expressed his relief to KT reporter Nandiini Sircar and said, “I commuted from Al Nahda Sharjah to my workplace in Dubai today. It was a pleasant surprise to find minimal traffic, allowing me to reach the office faster than usual. Normally, the journey takes an hour due to congestion, but today I made it in just thirty minutes. Despite waterlogging, the roads were surprisingly clear, thanks to all schools implementing remote learning and most companies adopting work-from-home policies.”

He added, “The government’s decision to implement distance learning and encourage remote work has been beneficial. Although I encountered heavy water logging around the Al Garhoud and Al Nahda areas, the situation remains manageable due to the government's and private companies' proactive measures. Due to this, people venturing out for urgent matters can still reach their destinations on time.”

11.15am: Submerged cars and signposts

Several roads in Dubai have been flooded, with some vehicles spotted broken down on waterlogged streets.

Photo: Shihab
Photo: Shihab

Motorists were seen navigating through heavy rains using their windshield wipers, turning on headlights, and ensuring adequate distances in the waterlogged areas. They have also reported challenges with fogging inside the cars, reducing visibility in these rainy conditions. Watch the video below by Dubai resident Favas Thaniyeppil.

11.05am: Residents struggle with building leaks

Residents are at their wit's end as they struggle with leakage at home and structural issues, reports KT journalist Nandini Sircar.

French resident Christine Quartier La Tente said, "Residents like me at Damac Hills 2 are facing multiple problems due to the heavy rainfall. We have to seal the windows and waterproof our roofs despite some new leaks being detected each time it rains. I think it is also due to structural issues with these buildings. One needs to identify these and fix them constantly. It takes many rains to check it all and repair it."

10.50am: Expect delay in bus services

The RTA has issued a statement informing commuters of expected delays and cancellations of some trips across all public bus services due to rainy weather conditions.

Photo: Muhammad Sajjad.
Photo: Muhammad Sajjad.

10.46am: "Stay home", says NCEMA

Residents have been asked to stay home and follow all safety guidelines. The National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority emphasised the importance of staying at home and urged residents to leave in cases of extreme necessity.

The authority advised residents to park vehicles in distant, safe, and elevated locations away from areas prone to flooding, streams, and water accumulation.

Photo: Shihab
Photo: Shihab

10.40am: Temporary road closure

The Ras Al Khaimah Police said it has temporarily closed Exit 129 bridge until the competent authorities remove the accumulated water due to the tropical situation in the emirate, and road users must take the alternative route.

10.32am: Hazardous weather conditions

The National Centre of Meteorology alerted residents of hazardous weather conditions across the country.

10.25am: Food delivery services paused

Delivery companies in the UAE have paused services in some areas as thunderstorms, heavy rains and hail pounded the Emirates Tuesday. In areas where deliveries are continuing, customers have been told to expect delays.

Weather conditions also impacted grocery service delivery.

Photo: Thanweeruddin Mohammad
Photo: Thanweeruddin Mohammad

10.17am: Onpassive metro station flooded

The Onpassive metro station was flooded on Tuesday morning, disrupting services. RTA announced a disruption in metro service at the Onpassive station. Dubai Metro red line users are alerted that an alternative bus service had been provided between the affected stations.

Onpassive metro station. Photo: KT reader
Onpassive metro station. Photo: KT reader

Watch the scene outside the Onpassive Metro station in the video below:

9.50am: Road caves in to turn into waterfall

A gigantic crater-like landslide in Al Qua, south of Al Ain, has taken with it a massive portion of the road, changing the course for drivers in the area. The road resembles a waterfall due to heavy rains and overflowing wadis.

Motorists could be seen making cautious call and turning away from the site. A video posted by Storm_ae shows a car being swept away in the landslide, which resembles a river.

9.40am: Temporary closure of driver's licensing centre

Ajman Police temporarily closed the driver's licensing centre for two days due to weather conditions. The closure is scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, April 16 and 17. However, it should be noted that the vehicle inspection and registration centres, Speed and Fast, will continue their operations as usual.

9.33am: Inundated streets in Sharjah

Several streets in Sharjah have been flooded due to heavy rains late Monday night and early Tuesday morning. Motorists and residents were seen wading through waterlogged streets, as seen in the video captured by KT video journalist Muhammad Sajjad.

9.30am: Landslide in Ras Al Khaimah

A section of the road heading towards Emirates Road in Ras Al Khaimah collapsed due to a landslide after the onslaught of heavy rains in the Emirates. The Ras Al Khaimah Police has cordoned off that part of the road and urged motorists to pay attention and reduce speed.

Avoid rain-related fines

Authorities in the UAE reminded motorists to drive safely and warned of stiffer penalties for traffic violations that pose a risk to lives during rains and adverse weather conditions. UAE has strict rules regarding 10 weather-related traffic violations that come with fines of up to Dh2,000, 23 black points and confiscation of vehicles for two months.

9.10am: Dubai Police issues driver safety tips

With the ongoing rainfall Dubai Police has issued essential safety guidelines for road users during these weather conditions. The authority urged drivers to follow the below traffic tips:

  • Use low-beam headlights for visibility
  • Ensure brakes are functioning properly after passing through water puddles
  • Avoid wadis (valleys) during rainfall
  • Ensure the safety of glass surfaces
  • Reduce speed and stay away from road edges
  • Use the external air circulation feature to prevent fog formation
Recovery trucks at work Photo: Syed Ayaz Basha
Recovery trucks at work Photo: Syed Ayaz Basha

9.07am: Dubai Parks and Resorts closure

Due to adverse weather conditions and in order to assure the safety of parkgoers, the Dubai Parks and Resorts announced the closure of the amusement park for the day, April 16.

9.01am: Pouring in Al Furjan

A resident in Al Furjan, Dubai, reported heavy rains and thunderstorms, resulting in decreased visibility. She also witnessed a considerable absence of vehicles on the streets.

Photo: Waad Barakat
Photo: Waad Barakat
Photo: Waad Barakat
Photo: Waad Barakat

8:59am: Remote class begins

Students started accessing their Teams classrooms on Tuesday as the UAE announced remote education across the country. At the beginning of the day, they mark their attendance as usual.

Meanwhile, primary class students are participating in asynchronous sessions and are requested to submit their tasks through the designated school app.

Photo: Nandini Sircar
Photo: Nandini Sircar

8.50am: As dark as night

Residents in Al Faya/Seih Shuaib said the early-morning clear sky quickly transitioned into one as dark as night as continuous thunder and lightning accompanied the relentless pounding of rain.

8.40am: Reduced visibility

Residents in Al Nahda, Sharjah and Abu Hail, Dubai, reported a decrease in visibility in some areas, as the heavy downpour persisted, engulfing the region.

Abu Hail, Dubai
Abu Hail, Dubai
Photo: Syed Ayaz Basha
Photo: Syed Ayaz Basha

8.30am: Employees face heavy rains

Several residents braved the morning rains on their morning commute to reach the office even as the UAE announced remote work for public sector employees.

Under the directives of the Council of Ministers, govt employees will observe remote work on Tuesday, April 16. Certain federal employees have been exempted whose jobs require presence at the workplace, taking into account the weather condition that the country is going through.

Photo: Syed Ayaz Basha
Photo: Syed Ayaz Basha
Photo: Syed Ayaz Basha
Photo: Syed Ayaz Basha

8am: Metro timing extended

For Dubai Metro commuters, the Road and Transport Authority has extended the operating hours April 16 until 3:00 AM (next day). This extension is to ease your trips during rainy conditions.


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