Priyankara launches sustainable organic cotton collection in summer hues

Crafted from organic cotton, Priyankara’s latest collection is a summer staple

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Bhavika Thadani
Bhavika Thadani

Published: Thu 9 May 2024, 5:00 PM

With a focus on sustainable clothing and conscious living, Priyankara celebrates artisanal craftsmanship, crafting each garment using handloom techniques and herbal dyes. Priyankara’s latest organic cotton collection, a unique blend of comfort and timeless elegance, features a range of women’s tops, jackets, and nightwear in vibrant summer hues. With summer-ideal colours like yellow, green, blue, lavender, teal, and pink, the fashion-focused collection is a staple for this season.

With sustainability at its core, Priyankara ensures that even the cloth scraps, though organic and harmless to the environment, are repurposed into stylish accessories like scrunchies. They are also creating beautiful bandanas for pets, embodying the brand's commitment to minimising waste.

The collection caters to contemporary fashion trends while celebrating the skilled hands and time-honoured methods of artisans. Priyankara takes pride in preserving and promoting these age-old techniques, honouring India's rich heritage in every stitch. Drawing inspiration from India's vibrant culture, motifs, and colour palettes, each design tells a story of heritage and innovation.

“At Priyankara, we believe that fashion must be sustainable. Our collection of long-lasting, high-quality organic cotton wear is rooted in Indian tradition while simultaneously portraying a modern aesthetic. With purpose behind every thread and stitch, our collection is meant to be worn and loved for years to come,” said Bhavika Thadani, founder of Priyankara.

The collection features a variety of styles to suit every preference and occasion. Individuals can choose from tops with round necks, v-necks, or collared necks, each meticulously designed for both fashion and comfort. With sleeve options including half, sleeveless, and 3/4th lengths, there's a perfect choice for every summer outing.

Crafted from the finest organic cotton, the entire range is gentle on the skin and environmentally friendly. Known for its breathability and softness, organic cotton ensures a luxurious feel with every wear. Furthermore, its natural properties keep the wearer cool and comfortable, especially in the summer months.

Priyankara, as a brand, emphasises saving the planet, wearing sustainable clothing, and supporting artisans. Furthermore, the Herbal Dye Collection is certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Beyond its dedication to sustainable fashion, the brand is also passionate about positively impacting the lives of animals. Priyankara demonstrates this by allocating a portion of its sales to animal rescue centres. By choosing Priyankara, customers are not only embracing conscious living, but also contributing to the welfare of abandoned and vulnerable animals.

Discover the Priyankara collection at Experience the convenience of shopping for sustainable fashion from the comfort of your home and be part of the movement towards conscious living and fashion.

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