WhizHack Technologies forays into MENA with its flagship ZeroHack

This expansion comes at a crucial time as the region grapples with escalating cybersecurity challenges

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Published: Wed 15 May 2024, 5:27 PM

Fast growing Indian cyber security company makes an impactful foray in the MENA region with its flagship product ZeroHack and a sizable portfolio aimed to cater to outfits operating in critical infrastructure, oil and gas and energy, BFSI, telecommunications and defence, having worked in the similar sectors in India. At the forefront of WhizHack's product portfolio is ZeroHack-XDR, a state-of-the-art triple-layer security solution that leverages advanced technologies, including deception technology, to provide unparalleled protection for digital assets in hybrid cloud environments. Complementing this flagship offering is ZeroHack-OT, a robust cybersecurity solution designed to safeguard critical infrastructure through advanced threat monitoring, analytics, and self-healing capabilities.

The foray comes with forging strong alliances and strategic partnerships in the Middle East region with players such as Protiviti, CSA and Securenet. A pioneering force in defending critical infrastructure against sophisticated cyber threats, WhizHack Technologies will collaborate with Protiviti for large-scale turnkey projects, CSA (Corporate Service Advisors) for consulting services and with Securenet as a specialised value-added reseller (VAR).

This expansion comes at a crucial time as the region grapples with escalating cybersecurity challenges. Alongside the alliances, WhizHack’s participation in GISEC, which took place from April 23 to 25, at the prestigious Dubai World Trade Centre, demonstrated its commitment to the Middle East market. As part of the Indian contingent, WhizHack showcased its groundbreaking military-grade products and forged strategic partnerships to address the region's most complex cybersecurity challenges.

Kaushik Ray, co-founder and COO, WhizHack Technologies, said: "The MENA market is facing some of the most advanced cyber-attacks because of high value concentrated assets. Due to limited availability of locally trained manpower, WhizHack, as the only vertically integrated cyber security player can not only empower large scale local manpower but provide end-to-end managed security services across segments like Oil & Gas, Energy, BFSI, Telecommunications, and Defence and work with partners across the Managed Services Security market that is slated to increase from $61 million in 2023 to $341 million in 2028."

According to the latest study by Polaris Market, the Middle East Cybersecurity Market is projected to soar from $13.98 billion in 2023 to $32.39 billion by 2032.The Middle East has witnessed a surge in cyber-attacks, leading to substantial financial losses. IBM's 2023 study reveals that cybersecurity incidents in the region now average $8.07 million per data breach, significantly higher than the global average of $4.45 million per incident. Key sectors such as oil and gas, government agencies, and commercial enterprises in the Middle East are particularly vulnerable to cyber threats due to their strategic importance. Geopolitical tensions in the region further exacerbate the risk, attracting highly skilled and motivated threat actors.

WhizHack Technologies is uniquely positioned to address these challenges. Over the past three years, the company has emerged as India's sole vertically integrated cybersecurity powerhouse, specialising in large-scale cybersecurity training, managed services, and products. The collaborations in the MENA regions aims to leverage WhizHack's expertise and experience in serving high-profile Indian clients, including Defence, airports, and energy networks, to enhance cybersecurity capabilities in the Middle East. WhizHack Technologies looks forward to making significant contributions to the Middle East's cybersecurity landscape and ensuring a safer digital future for the region.

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