Magzoid Emerging Art Icons Awards 2024: Celebrating creativity and cultural impact

The event, which has been instrumental in cultivating the essence of the art scene in the UAE, showcased exceptional talent across various art disciplines.

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Published: Thu 16 May 2024, 4:38 PM

Magzoid Magazine returned with a celebration of artistic talent and growth with the Emerging Art Icons Award 2024, followed by last year's success. The event, powered by Wasaya Investments, took place at 53 Dubai and was hosted by Joe Mohan. The event, which has been instrumental in cultivating the essence of the art scene in the UAE, showcased exceptional talent across various art disciplines. It underlined the importance of joint ventures, sponsorships, residencies, and charitable endeavours in helping the UAE's creative economy flourish. Magzoid is a significant player in the industry because, at its foundation, it is committed to building an inclusive, sustainable, creative ecosystem that values innovation, diversity, and important social effects.

"The UAE has set its eyes on being not only an economic haven but also a creative haven for the people who come in search of opportunities here. Events such as these catalyse the artistic growth of individuals,” said Khalil Abdulwahid, a member of the jury panel and Dubai Culture.

The jury panel, which consisted of critically acclaimed and well-established artists in the UAE and the global art scene, shouldered the responsibility of selecting the most deserving artists and institutions for the awards. These distinguished jurors included Sacha Jafri, Khalil Abdulwahid, Amrita Sethi, and Jyo John Mulloor. Their insightful input ensured a fair and meticulous selection process that upheld the integrity of the awards.

The occasion was honoured by the attendance of distinguished consulate generals from Dubai. Other distinguished guests included investors, collectors of art, chairpersons of art and creative bodies, official ministry representatives, and corporates.

The event ceremony was accompanied by performances from acrobats, singers, and dancers. During Emerging Art Icons 2024, a diverse group of artists, including Jamil Boudiab, Tatiana Lamiri Alaoui, Joy Nabil Najm, Aakanksha Kshatriya, and Ajit Gadekar, showcased their talents in immersive galleries. Each artist brought a unique perspective to the exhibition, creating a dynamic and engaging environment that stimulated the senses and sparked meaningful conversations.

Magzoid Emerging Art Icons awards covered a wide range of categories, recognising excellence in various areas. "The event has grown and so has the competition, fantastic turnout, fantastic energy, and a lot of work behind the scenes to assemble the winners in some categories—it hasn't been simple—strong competition this year, and I would like to congratulate all the names that were submitted,” remarked Jafri as he addressed the audience.

Year after year, the Magzoid Emerging Art Icons Awards have grown in prominence, becoming the most sought-after and prestigious accolade for emerging artists. With its second edition, the event has garnered increasing attention from art enthusiasts, collectors, and industry professionals alike, cementing its position as a definitive showcase of emerging talent in the region. "Magzoid has stepped up the game by giving artists an opportunity and a stage to be recognised,” remarked an attending artist. "The ceremony was a celebration of the power of art to connect people, inspire change, and create new possibilities. It was a testament to the importance of supporting emerging artists and creative thinkers and added to the value of collaboration and innovation in the art field."

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