Gennius XYZ launched its Gennius Global Hub at ‘The World as One’ event


Published: Thu 16 May 2024, 4:28 PM

Last updated: Thu 16 May 2024, 8:48 PM

The Lana Hotel’s rooftop was abuzz with excitement on May 9, as industry leaders, local press, and professionals gathered for the groundbreaking ‘The World as One’ event, which was aimed at fostering collaboration and innovation. Hosted by Gennius XYZ and officially supported by Seed Group, a company of The Private Office of the Sheikh Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum, the event proved to be a resounding success, drawing more than 100 participants.


Anam Khan

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Against the stunning backdrop of Dubai’s skyline, attendees from companies such as Commercial Bank International, Mashreq Bank, MENA Fintech Association, Paymentology, Fireblocks Network international, Vara, VISA, Mastercard, and others were treated to a dynamic programme featuring renowned CEOs’ insightful keynotes, and valuable networking opportunities. The event provided a platform for thought leaders to exchange ideas, and get to know ‘Imagine as One.’ It is a new digital platform that reimagines loyalty programmes for the global economy, engineered to simplify global financial transactions and enhance user engagement through advanced technologies. It comes with state-of-the-art features — including its innovative AI concierge service, AlleX Navigator — and combines the capabilities of ‘One Currency,’ ‘One Wallet,’ and ‘One Global Marketplace.’ This platform is designed for instant activation for more than four billion cardholders and over 400 million cryptocurrency holders worldwide, empowering a vast user base with immediate access to its benefits.

Furthermore, ‘Imagine As One’ features an all-encompassing wallet solution that is hyper-connected with all major e-wallets including Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Alipay, and all significant cryptocurrency wallets in the Web3 realm. This integration offers unprecedented convenience, allowing consumers to manage their finances and loyalty benefits in one centralised, secure location.

Key highlights of the event included:

1. The announcement of Dubai as Gennius Global Hub for its worldwide expansion.

2. Keynote Addresses: Sergio Arana, CEO and founder of Gennius; Hisham Al Gurg, CEO of Seed Group and The Private Office of Sheikh Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum; Akshay Chopra, board member of MENA Fintech Association, delivered inspiring keynote addresses, offering valuable insights into the latest developments and prospects.

3. The launch of ‘Imagine as One’

4. Networking opportuniities: Attendees had the chance to connect with peers, forge new partnerships, and expand their professional networks during dedicated networking sessions.

5. A new loyalty vertical was unveiled, music and entertainment. The renowned Argentinian singer Soledad, the ambassador of this technological solution designed to bridge the gap between artists and their fans, delighted the public with a live performance.

“Today marks a significant milestone as we launch the Gennius Global Hub in Dubai and unveil our ‘The World as One’ programme,” said Arana. “This initiative represents not just a step, but a giant leap forward in redefining global loyalty systems. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Hisham Al Gurg for his partnership and steadfast commitment to our vision. Together, we are setting the foundation for Gennius XYZ’s global expansion, aiming to simplify and enrich the loyalty experience worldwide. Our mission is driven by technological innovation and a deep commitment to understanding and fulfilling the daily needs and aspirations of our customers. This collaborative effort is pivotal as we continue to lead and innovate in the dynamic digital landscape.”

Chopra said: “I am proud to say that Gennius XYZ is pioneering advancements by making loyalty and reward programmes not only interoperable but profoundly portable. This transformation breaks down the traditional barriers that have restricted the utility of digital assets, ensuring they are more accessible and adaptable for users across the globe. Our initiatives ensure that the innovations in loyalty programmes provide tangible benefits, meeting the evolving needs of consumers and enhancing user engagement significantly.”

Eduardo Coello, regional president of Visa LAC, unable to attend personally, conveyed through his letter the strength of Gennius XYZ’s partnership with Visa LAC, stating: “Our partnership with Gennius XYZ has introduced groundbreaking solutions, like the unique travel redemption portal and the universal redemption feature, setting new standards for loyalty solutions in the financial industry. These innovations have revolutionised reward spending, offering unparalleled flexibility to cardholders and significantly enhancing their engagement. We are committed to continuously evolving our loyalty programmes, integrating advanced technologies to deliver personalised experiences that meet the expectations of modern consumers.”

Al Gurg lauded Gennius XYZ for the exceptional strides it has recently taken. Al Gurg said: “A year ago, we facilitated the smooth entry of Gennius XYZ into Dubai and the larger MENA market, which marked the development of their then-project called ‘The World as One.’ Now here we are, finally witnessing it come to life — which encompasses their latest ‘Imagine as One’ digital platform — along with the inauguration of their Dubai hub. We are excited to see the emirate finally enjoy and utilise Gennius’ latest features.”

The success of the event emphasises the importance of collaboration and knowledge-sharing in advancing the Fintech industry landscape in Dubai and beyond. As participants depart with new insights and connections, the impact of this gathering is sure to resonate long after its conclusion.

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