inQsights: Driving organisational transformation and nurturing new age talent

At the heart of inQsights' success is its diverse and high-quality talent pool of experienced professionals, entrepreneurs, and gig workers

By Mohsin Moharrak

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Nitin Dheer, founder, Inqubex Consulting.
Nitin Dheer, founder, Inqubex Consulting.

Published: Wed 8 May 2024, 10:59 AM

The Middle East has been leading global economic trends through resilience, optimism and continued growth. While disruptions and chaos have affected many traditionally strong economies, post-pandemic, the region has continued on the path of growth and prosperity. Global talent is also gravitating towards the region because of its progressive policies, opportunities for professional development and quality of life. Enterprises in the region are working to ensure that they are best placed to take advantage of this talent trend.

inQsights is a talent advisory and analytics firm that is enabling many regional and global enterprises to successfully adapt their people management practices towards becoming more attractive to top global talent. Established in 2009 in India, inQsights expanded its operations to the UAE in 2022 and has since become renowned for its innovative and transformative services. inQsights prides itself on being a new-age advisory firm that adeptly partners with organisations to help them navigate diverse organisational and talent challenges.

inQsights’ portfolio of services and products

As an industry change maker, inQsights has a comprehensive set of services and products, that help organisations modernise their people management practices, adopt new-age technologies and analytics, and build internal muscle to sustain as an employer of choice.

Consulting Services: inQsights supports organisation design/ restructuring, productivity improvement, talent management and Ex (employee experience) interventions as part of its people transformation services. Over the last two years, inQsights has supported unicorns in becoming more productive towards achieving profitability, helped legacy firms in becoming attractive to contemporary talent, and partnered with corporates and the larger ecosystem on evolving mental wellbeing and DEI practices.

HR Tech and Analytics: inQsights leverages its tech platforms — Quanta, the productivity engine and xQalibre, the skill-based talent assessment suite - to generate organisation and employee level insights and enable data-driven decision making. inQsights has supported corporates across retail, automotive and healthcare as well as sovereign enterprises in the region and regulatory entities in the EU on establishing talent analytics and decision maps using these state-of-the-art technologies.

Learning Academies: inQsights is investing in building capabilities towards equipping the workforce with new-age skills essential for success in today's dynamic environment. Whether in functional domains like HR, marketing, digital, or aspects like fostering wellbeing and resilience, inQsights' learning academies aim to equip professionals with the skills and mindsets they need to succeed.

inQsights’ differentiators

At the heart of inQsights' success is its diverse and high-quality talent pool of experienced professionals, entrepreneurs, and gig workers. United by a deep understanding of business dynamics and a commitment to customer value creation, the inQsights team brings expertise in human resources and business acumen. Operating across geographies as diverse as MENA, India and Europe brings complexities in terms of degrees of HR evolution, diverse organisational priorities, and the larger sectoral/ macroeconomic context. The inQsights team is successful through its shared value of driving bespoke solutions informed by a deep sensitivity to the cultural and business realities of its clients. This ensures that the inQsights services are not just about providing advice; instead, they focus on delivering measurable business value through a clear return on investment (ROI).

The inQsights Leadership

The inQsights team is led by Nitin Dheer. He is a consulting professional with over two decades of professional experience in delivering advisory services over 15+ countries. An MBA from the prestigious XLRI – Xavier School of Management, Dheer has worked with leading consulting organisations in India, the UK, APAC and the Middle East, coupled with rich HR operations experience with top-tier services and FMCG organisations.

Dheer’s vision in founding inQsights was to build an agile consulting firm with deep expertise presented in an implementable way to clients. Over the years, inQsights has successfully delivered on this model, with an unwavering commitment to delivering value, staying grounded in business realities, and leveraging technology for effective solutioning.

What the future holds for inQsights

With the changing talent landscape and new age practices coming in, inQsights’ future success will come from adapting solutions to address the challenges of multi-gen workforce, and leveraging technology and AI to create innovative solutions – all this while retaining a personal touch and authenticity with its growing client base.

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