Dr Mona Saleh: How an opportunity led to royalty for a dermatology entrepreneur in the UAE

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Published: Thu 27 Apr 2023, 4:10 PM

Last updated: Fri 28 Apr 2023, 12:16 PM

The path to entrepreneurship is paved with necessity and, occasionally, opportunity. For Dr Mona Saleh, a cosmetic dermatology specialist and the founder of Royalty Clinic in the UAE, the opportunity is what led her to the desert oasis of Dubai.

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Today, her credentials, experience, and reputation all contribute to the success of her clinic, with a 4.8 out of 5-star Google Review Rating, "I didn't want to be a doctor at first, but I always wanted to be the best, and in Egypt being a doctor was one of the best professions at that time. Seeing my brother who was exceptionally smart pursue a medical degree, I decided to choose the same route.”

Dr Saleh soon discovered the challenges of a 7-year medical degree, but with persistence and dedication, which characterizes who she is today, she graduated from the University of Alexandria in Egypt with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery and then vowed to never work in medicine again.

Gaining a role at a pharmaceutical company, where she discovered her passion for marketing, was one of the fortunate turns that led her to where she is today. Whilst there, she met a colleague who fatefully advised her to consider a career in Dermatology as a plan B and persuaded her to join one of the world’s most renowned skincare clinics.

"After much persuasion, I eventually joined, and I loved it. Seeing how happy and confident clients were after each procedure made me feel so happy," she explains.

This prompted her to pursue a Master's degree in Dermatology and shares, "Looking back, deciding to study again was one of the best things I could have done for myself."

After relocating to Dubai to be with her now husband, and today with over 15 years experience, the mother of two shares that whilst working with other clinics in the region she was able to learn what worked well and identify areas that could be improved. She was then able to bring her experience and learnings into her own clinic, when Royalty Clinic, located in Mercato Mall, Jumeirah 1, was born.

“It was scary at first,” she shares “and I quickly learned that when running a team, people must love coming to work, because then they will give their best. No one by themself succeeds, it’s the team that succeeds, so everyone around you must be happy and work from their heart.”

Dr Saleh contributes to the long-term sustainability of Royalty Clinic to her loyal clients, "I adore my clients and my number one priority is to ensure they are happy during and after their treatments, no matter the difficulty, I will do what I can to ensure they’re happy.”

These difficulties may include acne-prone skin in teenagers. For new mothers, it could be dealing with the changes in their bodies after childbirth. For businessmen, it could be maintaining a healthy appearance owing to work stress and for ageing women, maintaining a graceful appearance. But in her relentless commitment to each one of her clients, Dr Saleh provides personalized cosmetic and medical treatments, so her clients look and feel rejuvenated in an elegant and discreet manner.

When she and her team aren’t working from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. providing aesthetic services, Dr Saleh is sharpening her knowledge of the field by drawing on the latest research, tools, and methods from world-renowned educators.

When choosing an aesthetician, Dr Saleh shares: “It’s not just about the injection, it’s the doctor’s experience, understanding the right technique & results for your skin, along with the quality of the product.

Yes, all fillers have hyaluronic acid and most give good instant results, but you must consider the longer term. It’s like the difference between a good bag and an extremely high-quality bag, over time you can feel the difference in quality in your hands, so what about your face?”

Her advice to people looking for tips on how to take better care of their skin is to avoid quick fixes, as they often have long-term consequences. "Adopting a good skincare routine early with the right quality products is key to having a lifetime of good skin”.

Dr Saleh plans to expand Royalty Clinic’s branches further in the UAE, and then Egypt and Canada over the next decade, as homage to her family’s home countries, and for the opportunities the UAE has given her.

Visit her website at https://royaltyclinic.ae to learn more or schedule an appointment. Follow her on Instagram at @royaltyclinic.ae to see her stunning showreel and industry-leading tips on taking better care of your skin, hair, and body.

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