Digital creator Suhail Rasool talks about his notion on the social media space

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Published: Tue 13 Dec 2022, 4:17 PM

Suhail Rasool is an extremely well-known personality on the Internet. He is a social media influencer, digital creator, and social worker with thousands of followers across digital platforms like Instagram (suhailrasool) and YouTube. Rasool belongs to the city of Bangalore and started his career as an influencer a few years ago.

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Over time, he grew to become one of the most original and inspiring creators in the country. Rasool had always been someone who would put in a lot of effort in whatever he does but what really took him forward in the digital realm was his discipline.

In his words, "As easy and starry as it looks like from the outside, an influencer's life is so much more than just looking good on the Internet. As for me, I've always taken the 'influence' in the word 'influencer' extremely seriously and this is why I did not want to commit to anything less than quality content delivery. It's not like I take my digital creator role as a hectic job. If I did that, I would be worn out very easily. I think I have been fortunate enough to find the perfect balance between being seamless, relaxed, and value-adding in the digital space. Following your passion is easy. Excelling at it and making a name for yourself always requires the ability to be disciplined."

Rasool hasn't stopped at just being a content creator and social media influencer. He is working on a film and has a couple more projects lined up. He also manages his YouTube channel and has made it as interesting and engaging as his Instagram page.

Rasool continues to add value to people's lives as he sees his fans and followers increasing in number every day.

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