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India: Daughter murders mother over property dispute

Police say 24-year-old daughter and her friend killed the woman after she threatened to disown her from the property

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Published: Sun 20 Feb 2022, 9:13 PM

A 24-year-old daughter has been arrested on charges of murdering her 55-year-old mother, said the Delhi Police on Sunday.

According to the Delhi Police, the mother allegedly threatened to disown her from the property and refused to help her financially after the daughter left her husband and indulged in an extra-marital affair.

The police have also arrested the accused’s friend who is said to be involved in the murder. “Jewellery, cash and the weapon used in the murder have been recovered by Ambedkar Nagar police station,” said the Delhi Police.

Earlier, Ambedkar Nagar police station on February 19 had received a call asking for help. On reaching the spot, the police found Sudha Rani, the mother of the accused, lying in a pool of blood with her throat slit. Gold Chain and rings were found intact on the deceased.


Initially, Devyani, the accused, stated that around 9.30pm on Saturday, two persons with face masks and armed with a handgun entered her house and robbed her jewellery and cash. Devyani said when they were robbing her mother, they killed her by slitting her throat. Following this, a case was registered and the police began the investigation.

During the investigation, Devyani was interrogated at length. The crime scene was inspected in detail and the police found no sign of struggle in the room. On sustained interrogation and continuous questioning, Devyani broke down and admitted that she, along with a friend, killed her mother and tried to give it a colour of robbery.

The police said: “Devyani gave tea mixed with sleeping pills to her mother and maternal uncle Sanjay. When both of them lost consciousness, Devyani called her friend Kartik, who killed the deceased by slitting her throat with a surgical blade and threw it out from the window. After that Devyani gave the jewellery and cash to Kartik.”

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