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Dubai: 4 gang members jailed for stealing Dh670,000

Accused were identified after viewing the surveillance camera


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Sun 20 Feb 2022, 8:13 AM

Last updated: Sun 20 Feb 2022, 8:30 AM

The Dubai Criminal Court has sentenced four members of an African gang to three years imprisonment, followed by deportation from the country.

The Court convicted the four expats for stealing Dh670,000 from a freight company after breaking into it and threatening the accountant and two workers.

According to police investigations, the crime took place on October 2021, when the company's accountant complained to the police station that he was robbed while he was on duty.

He added that one of the accused entered the office to inquire about the value of shipping goods to an African country. He then presented the inquirer with a list of the value of the freight.

The accused then went to the waiting area and spoke over the phone. After 10 minutes, three other Africans entered the place and seized the employees' phones in the office.

The accountant added that one of the defendants threatened him with a knife held on his neck and asked him to open the company's safe.


He took Dh670,000, while the other three threatened the workers and closed the office door. They then fled from the place.

A policeman said that an investigating team collected evidence, and the accused were identified after viewing the surveillance camera installed in the company.

The investigation revealed that the gang members took a taxi to a neighbouring Emirate. They left the phone of one of the victims in the back seat of the taxi, which its driver handed over to the police station.

The first accused was arrested in possession of Dh39,000, who admitted that the amount was his share of the theft.

He guided the police to his compliances, who were caught in possession of Dh30,000, and he disclosed that the remaining amount was with four other accused who were yet to be arrested by the police.

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