Watch: Dubai Police stuntman smashes two Guinness World Records with stunning feats

He performed a quadbike wheelie for over 2km with a person on his shoulder, also balanced 17 people on his vehicle

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Published: Wed 13 Jul 2022, 12:17 PM

A Dubai Police stuntman has biked his way to his third Guinness World Record. Captain Abdulla Al Hattawi carried Hamed Al Hashmi on his shoulders and travelled the world’s longest distance performing a quadbike (ATV) wheelie. He travelled on two wheels of the ATV for 2,249.14 metres while balancing Al Hashmi on his shoulders.

He also set the world record for the most people on a quadbike, with a mind-boggling 17 persons travelling all at once for 100 metres. He smashed the previous record of 16, which has been in place since 2004.

In January 2018, Captain Abdulla carried out the world's longest wheelie when he travelled for 60km on the Sheikh Zayed Road on two of his ATV’s four tyres.

The ATV athlete, who is a member of the Dubai Police’s stunt team, said he breaks world records to raise awareness about the need to do stunts safely.

Captain Abdulla, 39, dedicated the records to the UAE. "Dubai and the UAE are always better than the best, so these three Guinness World Records titles of mine are just a continuation of a long success story,” he said.

The officer had previously revealed that he trains five days a week on his ATV in order to develop and perfect his stunts.

"Physical fitness is really important to what I do. I have to make sure that my body is able to withstand the physical demands that are required in moving and maintaining the ATV when performing. I train six days a week in the gym to make sure that I am in good shape for all my stunt shows," he had said.

He got his first ATV when he was just five years old. He started practising his wheelies all by himself after seeing them on shows.

"I did my first wheelie when I was 15. After I had perfected the wheelie, I began to experiment with other stunts and began to involve some friends of mine. We now perform stunts at various shows in the Middle East and internationally when I'm not working with the Dubai Police," he had said back when he set the 60km wheelie record.


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