UAE: ‘I look at Dubai and I see the future,' says senior US official

Speaking at the World Police Summit, District Attorney Kim Ogg said Dubai is her 'dream city' because of its safety

Kim Ogg, district attorney of Harris County in Texas
Kim Ogg, district attorney of Harris County in Texas

Waheed Abbas

Published: Mon 14 Mar 2022, 2:20 PM

Last updated: Mon 14 Mar 2022, 2:22 PM

A senior US official on Monday praised the Dubai Police for maintaining public safety, adding that Dubai is a dream city free of criminals and truly one of the world's safest cities.

While speaking on the first day of the inaugural World Police Summit at Expo 2020 Dubai, Kim Ogg, district attorney of Harris County in Texas, USA, said the emirate has wisely invested in its safety and staffing infrastructure.

“The world leadership and law enforcements must support wise investments and social programmes and partnerships such as seen here in Dubai – one of the safest cities in the world. I don’t see criminals here on the roads. I don’t see criminals robbing small businesses owners. I look at Dubai and I see the future. This is my dream city,” Ogg said while speaking about the safety, security and sustainability of the police at the summit.

The four-day summit and trade show will see the participation of more than 200 speakers and 150 exhibitors from around the world. The summit will also shed the spotlight on crime prevention, forensic science, anti-narcotics, police innovation and resilience, drones, K9 and much more.

“Dubai is an inspiration and I congratulate Dubai Police and Dubai Government and its leadership for their success in public safety. This government has made wise and well-planned investments in well-trained, well-staffed and well-executed policing. Dubai delivered what some in the world might call it an impossibility,” Ogg said during the keynote speech.


In Houston, she said, her law enforcement leaders enjoy a similar vision of Dubai and they have invested in prioritising the enforcement of laws that are most important to the people.

“We focus on the investigation of prosecution of violent individuals and spare no efforts to bring murderers and rapists and robbers to justice. We have adapted practice and policies where we direct non-violent criminals into non-prison programmes,” she added.

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