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Dubai: Man tries to trick 999 responder after dispute with wife, fails

A police patrol was dispatched to the woman's house and appropriate action was taken

File photo for illustrative purposes
File photo for illustrative purposes

A Staff Reporter

Published: Sun 30 Jan 2022, 1:31 PM

Last updated: Sun 30 Jan 2022, 10:17 PM

Dubai Police focuses extensively on training its staff to ensure that the best services are provided to community members.

Dubai Police’s emergency hotline 999 team members are also highly trained to deal with different kinds of challenges that they face every day.

Dubai Police (999) operators once received a call from a woman of Asian nationality; however, someone seemed to have grabbed her phone and disconnected the call before she could express her concern.

Dubai Police emergency officers immediately called the woman back, but a man replied and stated that everything was fine.

Nevertheless, the operator insisted on speaking to the woman to ensure that she was not subjected to any harm or abuse.

Consequently, the man handed the phone to another woman who pretended to be the caller and claimed everything was fine.


The cheap trick did not fool the smart policeman who noticed the slight change in the tone of voice. He rather insisted on speaking to the actual caller and was eventually connected to the distressed woman.

Eventually, a police patrol was dispatched to the woman's house and took action accordingly. It became clear that there was a family dispute between the caller and her husband in the presence of the family's friends.


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