‘Soul of India’ opens in Abu Dhabi

The menu is designed to showcase a diverse array of India's most popular snacks

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Published: Fri 26 Apr 2024, 11:15 PM

Indian Cuisine is famous all over the world for its variety and taste – the drool-worthy taste that lingers in your memory for a long time. People who enjoy Indian food always say it touches their soul. 'Soul of India’ the restaurant, was started by two friends Madhu Kejriwal and Amita Ritolia for the very same reason – to serve food that bursts with flavour and touches your soul.

Madhu and Amita, long-time residents of Abu Dhabi, have been friends for decades. UAE being the melting pot of cultures, Madhu and Amita have shared their love of Indian cuisine with people from different cultures. Their friends and families vouch for their culinary skills. After cooking authentic, delicious, lip-smacking food for friends and families over the years, they thought it would be wonderful to let more people enjoy their skills. Thus, the seed of opening a restaurant in Abu Dhabi was planted in their minds.

Madhu and Amita embarked on this exciting adventure about a year ago. From finding the right location, curating the menu to hiring the right chefs with a passion for cooking, Madhu and Amita worked hard to realise their dream.

They believe that food should be cooked with freshly sourced ingredients and that makes all the difference, to flavour and texture from the first bite to the last.

Located in Khalidiya, ‘Soul of India’ serves Indian snacks that are small in portion but large in satisfaction. The menu is designed to showcase a diverse array of India's most popular snacks.

Madhu Kejriwal and Amita Ritolia invite you to visit ‘Soul of India’ and go on a culinary journey that will surely leave your tastebuds craving for more.

‘Soul of India’ is now open in Khalidiya, Beeshan Street, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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