Connecting the world: Bridging the gap through smarter communication with Exotel

According to Gartner, customers in UAE have higher expectations of customer service and trustworthiness from businesses than the global average


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Published: Mon 13 Feb 2023, 3:52 PM

With the constantly changing business dynamics and the rise of technology, consumer expectations and engagement equation has evolved. Consumers’ demand for a seamless experience has started to reflect in approaches businesses opt to serve them.

According to Gartner, customers in UAE have higher expectations of customer service and trustworthiness from businesses than the global average. Businesses are now looking for ways to gather, analyze, engage with AI and employ consumer data at scale to meet customers’ rising expectations with unprecedented customer experience.

And one company that is leading the way in this arena is Exotel.

Exotel, an AI-based, cloud customer communication company provides efficient business solutions to cater to specific consumer servicing requirements on a massive scale by bridging the ‘communication gap’.

Path to a game-changing customer experience

Exotel is a full-stack customer engagement platform that offers a suite of communication APIs, an omnichannel contact centre (Ameyo), and a conversational AI platform (Cogno AI) in the cloud. The company serves more than 7,100 businesses worldwide and powers over 21 billion conversations a year.

Exotel helps businesses throughout the customer lifecycle, from acquisition to conversion and service by building intelligent, engaging experiences on voice, messaging, video channels, and apps. Its ability to personalise sales and support communication has proven to be an effective strategy for creating happy and loyal customers.


Integrating Exotel with existing Help Desk and CRM tools allows agents to automatically get complete information about the customer while making or receiving calls. This enables them to personalize conversations and resolve queries faster, ultimately forming a positive overall brand image in customers’ minds.

In addition to providing personalized customer experiences, protecting customer privacy is also crucial for businesses looking to win their trust and achieve operational

efficiency, particularly in cases where there is a high level of engagement between customers and business partners.

In 2022 alone, Exotel's number masking solution helped businesses protect the phone number identities of 510 million end customers.

Achieving operational excellence

Automation and highly customizable platforms are crucial in achieving operational excellence.

1. Automation

Customers today are looking for instant responses and automation is a key to that.

Businesses are transitioning to opt for voice bots in order to automate customer engagement with human-like and AI-powered agent assistance to facilitate natural, personalized conversations in real-time at scale while cutting down costs considerably.

Customers are attended to round the clock in their preferred language using tools like Exotel’s WhatsApp for Business API which offers a branded platform for personalized and trustworthy two-way communication.

Operational excellence is achieved by boosting agent productivity through seamless bot and agent transfers without switching contexts. When the chat on WhatsApp switches to call centre agents, they have complete visibility into the customer’s conversation history, ensuring a connected experience is delivered to the customer.

This connected experience helps Exotel’s customers save time and money to the tune of 1.9 million hours and $4.6 million in operation costs yearly.

2. Customisable low-code platforms

Exotel’s low-code platform puts businesses ahead of the competition with its intuitive drag-and-drop builders.

Businesses can create and deploy dreamlike customer journeys, for example, creating custom self-service IVR flows with a suite of low & no-code applications to speed up turnaround times and shorten the go-to-market cycles.

Fully customizable platforms play a vital role in the customer engagement space today, which is otherwise dominated by platforms requiring tech support to accommodate modifications to their communication flows.

Turn customer experience into your competitive advantage with Exotel

2023 is the year of unification and oneness where businesses are bidding goodbye to employing multiple vendors to engage with today’s digitally aware and always-on consumer base.

The sheer operational hassle of connecting and maintaining multiple vendors and having to deal with scattered data are the main reasons why unified communication platforms today are a 'need' rather than a 'good to have'.

Imagine a dealership selling a car virtually. Here is how this would pan out with a unified customer engagement platform.

  • A customer expresses interest in a particular car on the website. A bot immediately gets in touch to set up a call with a salesperson.
  • In the meantime, also answer any questions the customer may have.
  • The salesperson makes a video call to discuss the details and showcase the car. The customer loves it as it saves time, effort, and the need to physically visit a dealership!
  • A contact centre agent now guides the customer via screen share to fill out a form and seal the deal.

This end-to-end communication data is stored in the dealership’s system and can be used for future communication. Only a unified customer communication vendor like Exotel can make this happen.

Disconnected communication channels and scattered data put businesses at a great disadvantage today, where customers expect nothing but perfection. The future of customer engagement is here for businesses to embrace with 'True Cloud' and Unified Customer Communication' platforms.

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