'Going to miss this place': Some Dubai residents surprised to learn about eviction of The Pointe restaurants

Those who come to the destination regularly have noticed that fewer people are visiting the area


Nasreen Abdulla

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Photo by Nasreen Abdulla
Photo by Nasreen Abdulla

Published: Wed 17 May 2023, 3:37 PM

Last updated: Wed 17 May 2023, 3:50 PM

News of restaurants' eviction from The Pointe came as a shock to some residents and retailers, while others admitted that they had expected it.

On Tuesday, it was revealed that restaurants and shops at the iconic waterfront destination were served a one-year notice to vacate and relocate by the developer Nakheel. The move came a few days after Nakheel announced the closure of The Palm Fountain, the water show that served as the centrepiece of The Pointe.

A visit to The Pointe on a weekday morning gives the impression of a quiet neighbourhood mall with very few people around. I struggled to find someone to ask for directions to the nearest coffee shop. However, as evening fell, the place transformed into a lively, happening place with brilliant views.

My first stop was at a café. M.D has been working there since the outlet opened at The Pointe five years ago, becoming one of the first eateries at the destination. For him, the announcement came as a big surprise. “I have been working in Dubai for 10 years but this location is my favourite,” he said. “It is always so lively and vibrant. Our shop got really busy, especially during weekends and New Year’s Eve.”

He confirmed that their shop had received its one-year eviction notice. “I believe that this area is going to be redeveloped into a residential area,” he said. “I really hope that there will be room for this shop to reopen in this same location and I can return to work here because that is how much I love this place. It has a beautiful view and I used to enjoy the fountain a lot.”

'Can understand'

The Pointe was a very popular attraction among residents and tourists alike. Groups of tourists alighting from their buses and walking around the area are a regular sight there, and so are residents bringing their children to cycle or play.

Fathima M, a resident of Palm Jumeirah, often brought her toddler and son to the area. She said she would miss her favourite hangout spot but could see why the decision was taken.

“The area was busy but not all the shops were doing good business,” she said. “Parking was recently made paid, and I know this discouraged a lot of people from coming here. The opening of Nakheel Mall also impacted the crowd in this area. I am really going to miss the place but I can understand this was the best decision.”

It was not difficult to see why the place was so popular among residents and visitors. With lots of open areas, amazing views of the clear, blue water, and lots of kiosks and restaurants around, the vibe here is 'very relaxed'.

As I sat there, I watched the Palm monorail pass by. The Pointe really was a one-stop shop for a great Dubai experience.

Another restaurant employee who works at The Pointe said that she had noticed business dwindling over the last few days since the fountain closed. “We still have people coming in because we serve shisha and people enjoy that but the other shops here are struggling,” she said. “Ever since the fountain closed down, this place had become a little boring. That fountain was the most attractive thing here and people came from near and far for it. I think a lot of shops may shut down before the one-year mark because fewer people are coming here.”

The Pointe's fountain was the world’s largest — with the highest jet stream shooting up to a height of 105m into the air. With coloured lights and music, it was a spectacular feature that attracted thousands of people every year, especially during New Year’s Eve. The fountain is definitely going to be missed but with the vision of Dubai, I am certain the area is going to be redeveloped into something even more spectacular soon.


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