Eid Al Fitr 2023 in UAE: Retailers see up to 5-fold surge in sales of kandooras, abayas ahead of festival

Tailors are working extra hours and yet are willing to accept more orders to cater to enthusiasts


SM Ayaz Zakir

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Published: Fri 14 Apr 2023, 7:39 AM

Last updated: Fri 14 Apr 2023, 1:58 PM

With Eid Al Fitr drawing in, most residents are focusing on devotion whereas others are directing their attention towards business as orders pour in ahead of the festive season.

Businesses across the country are reporting a massive boost, and many establishments are working hard to deliver the orders. Working extra hours, many of them claimed to have received orders five times as compared to regular days. Yet, they ensure to continue taking new orders till the last few days.

One such business is tailoring. Many tailors in Dubai and Sharjah have said that people are not willing to wait until the end of Ramadan and are showing up daily to enquire about the Eid al Fitr attire.

"We are working overtime to meet the high demand for accepted orders. However, hundreds of residents are still coming to get their outfits stitched," said Muhammed Nawaz, a master cutter at Rukn Aldoblomasi based in Deira.

Tailors are working extra hours and yet are willing to accept more orders to cater to enthusiasts. “We are ready to take more orders, but we will only be able to deliver in the last two days of Ramadan,” said Nawaz.

Many shops in the city cater to orders of over 1,200 kandooras during Eid and over eighty pieces are stitched daily. Expats love the traditional Arabic attire, tailors say.

Tailors have also mentioned that the orders are comparatively higher than last year.

The price per Kandoora starts at Dh50 for small sizes and goes up to Dh500 based on the quality of the fabric.

However, the most in-demand fabrics across the country are Japanese and Vietnamese. “Arabs mostly buy the Japanese fabric and expats prefers Vietnamese. Africans prefer colourful fabric. But the most preferred ones are white and off-white,” said Shajeer Ahmed, a salesperson at Kandoora House.

Gatras and scarves fly off shelves

Apart from kandoora, caps, vests, gathra, and scarf are also being sold rapidly. “People do not buy just the main outfit. These products are very essential to complete the attire. A Kandoora is not complete with a headscarf and gatra,” said Abdullah owner of a shop in Deira.

“These add-ons are purchased in quantities and a customer prefers buying at least 5-6 pieces. We sell over a thousand pieces daily,” added Abdullah.

Five-fold business at abaya shops

Many abaya shops across the city are not accepting orders as they are running at capacity. However, some are accepting orders as they can stitch a few more. “We stopped taking orders a few days ago. Our tailors are stitching nearly 13 pieces per day compared to regular days [when] they stick only 3,” Mohammed Akram, Emarat al Abaya based in Abu Hail.

Shopkeepers have said that the most preferred abaya fabric is Nada, and they stock a few hundred meters before Ramadan. “Nada fabric is available with us, and we can undertake more than 10 pieces. But will be delivered a day before Eid al Fitr,” said Mohammed Nasir, storekeeper at Hussain Al Abya in Ahu Hail Centre.

The price of an abaya starts at Dh50 and goes up to Dh800 depending on the fabric and the intricate embroidery work. “The rate depends on the customers' preference on embroidery. We have ready-made pieces starting at Dh100 and going up to Dh300,” said Nasir.

There are over 200 abaya shops in Abu Hail Centre and each shop sells over 300 pieces every Ramadan season. Collectively, the sell over sixty thousand pieces every Ramadan.

Other add-ons to complete the attire

Perfumes come into the add-on category and are an essential part of dressing up. “If you are not wearing good perfume, the occasion is incomplete,” said Khaliq Ahmed from Al Haq Perfumes in Deira.

“We are swamped. We make perfumes based on customers’ likes and our perfumers work round the clock to provide the best for our customers,” Said Ahmed.

The price of a 50ml bottle of perfume in Deira starts at Dh30 going up to Dh300.

One can also buy the concentrate of 5ml or 10ml starting at Dh5.

Accessories' businesses throughout the city are also recording a significant surge in demand. Hundreds of shops are lined in Naif market and nearly all the shops are fully occupied by people. “We are catering to over five hundred people daily and the number is surely bound to increase towards the end,” said Ameenullah, a shopkeeper at an imitation jewelry store in Naif Market.

“A few customers try out nearly 50 pieces of these accessories on them. And on average, one lady purchases nearly ten pieces of these add-ons,” said Ameenullah.

There are plenty of options throughout the city. However, if you want a wide variety of choices and to save some bucks on your shopping, head to the hub, Deira, for all your Eid needs.


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