Trending influencer Shobi Malik lives an opulent life


Published: Mon 9 Jan 2023, 3:32 PM

These days, you can find many youngsters claiming themselves as influencers. But being a true influencer takes a lot more than just having a large audience. Through the story of Shobi Malik, we will learn what being a true influencer actually means.

By Deepak Jain

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A growing star in the TikTok and YouTube communities is Malik, also known by the moniker Muhammad Shoaib. Malik is a well-known performer on these platforms, and people love him for his luxurious lifestyle and unique acting style. He is well-known among his peers in the arts and among his fans, who find inspiration in his performances. Malik's journey is a transition from a commoner to a wealthy and accomplished artist. Having survived the neck-to-neck competition in the world of acting and modeling, Malik has come a really long way.

Malik never found it simple to rise beyond his struggles and attain the levels of the opulent lifestyle he leads today. The influencer who is originally from Pakistan, has made great strides in overcoming challenges and problems in life. He has developed his task in the interim and is unquestionably doing a great job in terms of online engagements.

Malik currently has more than 550k followers on TikTok and over 2.2M followers on Instagram. Additionally, he has more than 100,000 subscribers to his Youtube account.

Malik has a strong affinity for luxury cars in addition to travel, and he occasionally enjoys testing out a new vehicle. Every now and then, many firms approach Malik for their commercials and marketing promotions after seeing his aesthetics and images. Our warmest wishes are with him as he pursues his goals.

Deepak Jain is an independent blockchain publicist

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