Travelling first time to Malaysia? The checklist will help you

Are you thinking of taking a few days off from your work and flying off to Malaysia with your friends and family?

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Published: Thu 28 Mar 2024, 3:04 PM

Last updated: Thu 4 Apr 2024, 11:01 AM

In that case, you are at the right place as here you will get a detailed overview of the most essential things you need to check on before starting your trip. Ranging from necessary travel documents to what to pack, you will get an idea for all in here.

Be ready with eight essential travel checklists for Malaysia

In Malaysia, you will get to experience a wide range of adventurous activities like scuba diving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, hiking, and many more. Henceforth, you must be well-prepared for your upcoming Malaysia trip. That's why go through the following essential things that you must keep handy before flying off for your international trip.


The first and foremost important thing that you must check on is your passport. You would need a valid passport to enter Malaysia. Remember, your passport must be with more than 6 months of validity. Besides, carrying your original passport, you should make some photocopies of it, as you can use them while sightseeing in Malaysia or going outside your hotel, just to avoid your original passport getting misplaced. Moreover, Malaysian police can ask you to show your identity proof in case of any unforeseen situations.


According to the Malaysian embassy, Indian passport holders travelling to Malaysia from 31.01.2023 up to 31.12.2024 will be allowed to take visa-free entry. You must know that you can stay up to 30 days under each visa-free entry. However, if you are planning a trip post this period, then you would need to apply for a Malaysia visa prior to your family trip.

Travel insurance

Imagine, you are travelling to Malaysia with your family and you face a medical emergency. It sounds distressing, right? Henceforth, you must consider buying travel insurance online to safeguard your recent Malaysia trip. However, having travel insurance is not compulsory to enter this country, but it is best to be ready for unforeseen situations.

Foreign currency exchange

Carrying Malaysian currency (Ringgit) while travelling to this country is mandatory. Thus, before starting off your trip, it is advisable to exchange the currency from Indian banks or any other currency exchange service provider. Additionally, on arrival in Malaysia, you can exchange your currency from currency exchange counters in Airports or any other local banks/ATMs.

Confirmed return flight tickets

If you are travelling to Malaysia, then you have to make a pre-booking of your return tickets. Immigration authorities will ask you to show the confirmation of your return flights as proof of travel intentions. This document will act as proof that you would not reside in this country. Besides, it complies with the Malaysia visa requirements.

Get vaccinated

It is advised to carry your COVID-19 vaccination certificates while flying off to Malaysia. Additionally, Yellow fever vaccinations are a must for tourists within one year. Moreover, life is full of uncertainty thus, you should consider buying travel insurance Malaysia. In case of any unexpected medical emergencies, your insurance policy will cover a maximum of your medical expenses.

Clothes to pack

Malaysia is a hot and humid country so you should consider packing lightweight and coloured clothes like pants, t-shirts, crop tops, shorts, etc. Besides, most of the time in this country it rains, so do not forget to carry your umbrella. In Addition, clothes made of merino wool and cotton are best for having a comfortable day or night out in Malaysia.

Make an itinerary

You must make a travel itinerary before you start off your international trip with your travel companions. Having an itinerary not only helps to manage your trip's time efficiently but also helps you to get an estimated trip budget. While making it, you must do thorough research on popular places to visit in Malaysia and then prioritise the places as per your interest.

What are the perks of buying travel insurance?

If you are still wondering why you need to buy international travel insurance for your next Malaysia trip, then keep reading. You will have a detailed overview of the importance of having it.

● Medical expenses in Malaysia are quite expensive and lead to unexpected financial strain. In such emergencies, your insurance plan will cover your medical expenses.

● If your luggage gets lost or delayed in the airport due to transportation or any other reason, the insurance provider will compensate for such mishaps.

● Your insurance plan also compensates for a missed flight or denied/delayed boarding.

● Imagine losing your trip money while you are in Malaysia. Sounds distressing, right? For this kind of situation, a travel insurance plan will provide coverage.

● In case you lose your passport in Malaysia, the insurance provider will offer you a duplicate passport/emergency certificate.

● You will be covered on trip cancellation or rescheduling due to any unforeseen emergency.

● Malaysia offers various adventurous activities for its tourists. In case you have any accident or injuries, your insurance plan will provide coverage for all the emergency evacuation and medical bills.

What should you look for In travel insurance For Malaysia?

After buying a travel insurance plan for your upcoming Malaysia trip, you might think that you are well-prepared for your holiday. However, choosing the wrong insurance plan can mess up everything.

Just imagine, you lose one of your personal belongings on your trip but the coverage for it is not included in your insurance policy. That's why, have a glance at the below-listed factors you must consider while purchasing travel insurance.

Self-assess your itinerary

Consider all the activities and places included in your itinerary before choosing an insurance plan. Look into all the inclusions of the plan and see if they meet all your coverage needs.

● Check all the limits and deductibles

You must go through the maximum claimable amount for every specific type of claim. Additionally, you should look into all the deductibles. It is the amount which you need to bear in case of any emergencies.

● Look into additional benefits

The majority of travel insurance providers offer additional benefits along with the standard plan you choose. Some of the common additional benefits are 24x7 travel assistance, trip cancellation coverage, and many more.

● Review and compare

Before you buy travel insurance for your Malaysia trip, you must dig in a bit more about the insurance provider or company. Review the online customer ratings and reviews to check the authenticity of the company. Additionally, compare various insurance plans to choose the most suitable one.

● Read policy terms

As a responsible travel insurance buyer, you must be well aware of all the policy-related terms and conditions. Give a quick read to get a comprehensive idea of all the limitations, inclusions, and exclusions of the insurance plan.

The bottom line

Before you fly off to Malaysia, you must have a clear understanding of the insurance claim procedure. While buying international travel insurance, take a quick guide about the whole process from your insurance providers. Now that you are well aware of all the things you need to tick on before starting your trip, put a countdown.

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