Style your kimono for every season


Published: Fri 10 Mar 2023, 4:47 PM

The modern kimono is a versatile garment that can be worn throughout the year. Be it summer or winter, kimono dresses can be incorporated into your wardrobe effortlessly. If you enjoy the flair and style of this exquisite garment, learning a few styling tips will have you sorted in no time. Your kimono collection can remain the center of your wardrobe from January to December without a problem.

By Webster Farnon

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Kimono Styling Tips for Every Season

Traditional kimonos are worn by the Japanese throughout the year. They come in a range of fabrics suitable for temperature changes. On the other hand, contemporary kimonos are worn during the summer and spring months when the temperature is warmer. They are created in fabrics that are better suited for sunny weather.

Having said that, kimonos can also be worn when the temperature drops. If you are wondering how, we have got you covered. Check out the ways kimono dresses can be worn throughout the four seasons.

  • Summer
  • Spring
  • Autumn
  • Winter
  • Summer

Summer is perfect for bringing your free-flowing and comfortable kimonos out of the closet. Paired with your swimwear as you lounge by the pool or head to the beach, they make for a chic and stylish ensemble. Fabrics such as cotton, linen and chiffon are ideal for your summer kimonos. They allow room to breathe and are soft on the skin.

Wear linen kimono sets for your brunches with family, and take it up a notch with chiffon kimonos for dinner parties during summer. You can always pair your dress with a matching kimono to add flair to the outfit.


If there is a season for florals, spring takes the front seat. Get your floral and pastel-coloured kimonos for the season of blooming flowers and warm weather. You can wear your short kimono dress with flared jeans and a comfortable t-shirt for a chic and charming look as you head to the park for a picnic or get lunch with your family.

Made of light and breathable fabrics, your summer kimonos work great during spring as they are suitable for the season's temperatures. Spring is also the ideal time to bring your boho-chic dreams to life. If Vanessa Hudgens is your style icon, pair your kimonos with boho jewellery and accessories that will have you looking dapper as you rock to music at the spring festival.


As the weather gets colder in Autumn, you might need kimonos made of thicker fabrics. Cotton and linen do an excellent job keeping you warm, but knit kimonos are the way to go if you’re looking for a little more insulation. They are classy and comfortable, the perfect combination as you take a stroll through the neighbourhood.

When dressing for autumn, it is important to choose colours that complement the tones of the season. Yellows, purples and oranges are great for the autumn season. While there are no rules set in stone, you can always experiment with different coloured kimonos in different fabrics during the fall months.


Kimonos are not a common sight during the winter season. However, you can style your kimonos with a few extra pieces for an ensemble warm enough for the winter temperatures. Getting kimonos in knitted fabric is the best way to tackle the cold months. Don’t want to get a new kimono? You can pair your linen kimonos with scarves and thicker coats for a look that will keep you comfortable during winter.

Layering is a popular styling technique that elevates every outfit and what better way to do it than with your favourite kimono. Wear your kimono over your knitwear to add an edge to your outfit.

Try Out New Kimono Styles

There are many different styles when it comes to kimonos. From fringe kimonos to knitted kimonos, you can easily find one that suits your preference. Looking to try out new kimono styles? Here are a few fun ones to check out.

  • Fringe kimonos
  • Knitted kimonos
  • Kimono jackets
  • Kimono sets
  • Kimono dresses
  • Fringe kimonos

With fringe detailing and exquisite patterns, fringe kimonos are a must-add to your wardrobe. Pared with a tank top and your most comfortable pair of shorts, this is the outfit that will have you sorted for a fun afternoon with your friends. Fringe kimonos add movement to your outfit making it more alluring and exciting.

Knitted kimonos

Knitwear is perfect for the colder months. Knitted kimonos are your go-to when you want to feel cozy near the fireplace. They come in a variety of styles that will help you give your winter wardrobe a quick and classy revamp. Wear your knitted kimono with a matching ribbed top and jeans for the complete winter look.

Kimono jackets

Kimono jackets are another style of kimonos you can add to your collection. Depending on the pattern and print, you can wear kimono jackets to any occasion. They are short in length and an ideal pairing with your well-fitted pants. Wear it with pumps and your best-loved watch for a smart and sophisticated look.

Kimono sets

If anything makes dressing up easier, it is the kimono set. Designed in fabrics like linen and silk, they are charming and suitable for any of the events you have lined up on your schedule. A kimono set will come with a kimono top and coordinated pants or shorts. This is the perfect outfit for women who have a very busy lifestyle.

Your linen kimono sets can be worn to work or casual get-together when styled with the right accessories and footwear.

Kimono dresses

When you are going to buy a new kimono, check out the kimono dress section. They are incredibly versatile and make for an elegant and impressive outfit. The dresses come with a sash or belt that help close the front of the kimono and gracefully accentuate the waist. They are the ultimate outfit to accentuate the feminine figure.

Never Go Wrong With a Kimono

There’s a kimono for every occasion, be it spring or summer. Style your kimono with the right accessories to create looks that are appropriate for the different seasons of the year. You don’t have to say goodbye to your kimonos when the season changes anymore, all thanks to a wide range of designs available in the fashion world.

Webster Farnon is a freelance writer.

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