Seif El Hakim welcomes the Icon Marilyn Crawford to the spotlight on The Alpha Talks in Dubai

Get ready for an extraordinary episode of The Alpha Talks podcast

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Published: Mon 18 Dec 2023, 12:24 PM

Join host Seif El Hakim, founder of the Alpha movement, in a very special conversation with the iconic Marilyn Crawford, co-founder and president of Primetime Global, LLC and founder and CEO of Windsor Primetime. Crawford's journey has led Primetime Global to global prominence. A peerless global expert consultant agency firm offering expert consultant services to enhance the position of the UAE as a global partner and an attractive and influential economic hub. The firm excels in global brand development, strategic marketing, business development, media relations, communications, unforgettable epic event experience, and hospitality and tourism powerhouse. Her career is truly remarkable. As the co-founder and president of Primetime Global, LLC and founder and CEO of Windsor Primetime, Marilyn Crawford brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the show. Her journey from leading Primetime to becoming a global force is nothing short of extraordinary.

Crawford is widely regarded as a global brand master architect, a riveting speaker, and an impactful executive. She will share her contagious charisma, brilliant talent, exceptional resilience, and dynamic maverick qualities with the listeners. The upcoming episode promises an exploration of her strategies, driven by passion, vision, and intellect, showcasing her ability to craft memorable campaigns. Crawford's extensive clientele ranges from global corporations like FedEx, Coca-Cola, TBS/CNN, Mercedes Benz and Maybach to foundations such as the Mandela Trust, Larry King Foundation, and RFL Reginald F. Lewis Foundation, as well as celebrities like Serena Williams, Akon, Beyonce/Matthew Knowles, and Russell Simmons, highlights the global diversity and impact of her work.

As The Alpha Talks audience eagerly awaits this episode, Crawford's insights are sure to transcend the conventional, providing a glimpse into the innovative strategies that have propelled her to the forefront of the industry.

The show, which aims to empower individuals to embrace their alpha nature, achieve personal and professional growth, and build successful businesses, will discuss various topics with Crawford, such as her journey as a creative and visionary leader, her insights on branding, strategic marketing, publicity, and epic event design, her challenges and achievements as a woman entrepreneur, and her advice for aspiring and established business owners.

El Hakim, an internationally acclaimed businessman, entrepreneur, investor, and success ambassador, deftly navigated the conversation, acknowledging Crawford's notable accomplishments and contributions to the business world. He will also ask her some intriguing questions about her personal and professional life, her plans, and her views on the current trends and challenges in the industry.

The episode, which will be released soon, promises to be filled with valuable information, inspiring stories, and entertaining anecdotes. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to learn from two incredible alpha individuals who have made their mark in the industry and the globe. The listeners will be impressed by the chemistry and rapport between the host and the incredible guest, as well as the quality and relevance of the content.

The Alpha Talks show, which is available on Spotify, YouTube, Apple podcast and other platforms, is one of the most popular and influential podcasts in the business and entrepreneurship niche, featuring solo episodes by Seif El Hakim, as well as interviews with amazing alpha guests from different fields and backgrounds. The podcast has a loyal and engaged fan base, who look forward to each episode and learn from the insights and experiences of the host and the guests.

The Alpha Talks show is your ultimate source of business empowerment and mindset. Don’t miss the chance to listen to El Hakim and Crawford in the upcoming episode. It will be a game-changer for your personal and professional growth. Stay tuned for the release date and time of this episode, and subscribe to The Alpha Talks podcast to catch up on the previous episodes.

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