Reputation House: Online presence quality can make or break a business

Published: Thu 13 Jul 2023, 3:39 PM

Last updated: Fri 14 Jul 2023, 4:05 PM

The brand emphasises online reputation should be an integral part of the company’s revenue-generation and development strategies

By Deepak Jain

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Nikita Prokhorov, co-founder and of Reputation House
Nikita Prokhorov, co-founder and of Reputation House

Building a new approach to online reputation

A strong reputation and high-quality online presence can open major opportunities for revenue growth and strategic development, making it imperative for companies to pay them the necessary attention they deserve, said Nikita Prokhorov, co-founder of Reputation House.

Reputation House, one of the top global reputation management agencies, has entered the UAE market to show the crucial role of online presence for all players in various markets. The agency aims to transform the way brands and individuals build their reputation on the Internet, supporting them in better engaging with their customers and managing their image.

Prokhorov highlights the importance of companies being present online and showcasing their work in the era of social networks and rapid digital marketing development. Today, it is no longer a choice but a necessity that enables profit growth and strengthens brand awareness both online and offline.

"According to our study, nearly 90 per cent of potential customers rely on reviews and recommendations before engaging with a company. Furthermore, 88 per cent of individuals base their decisions on feedback from others, and 74 per cent share their opinions online. These numbers are too significant to overlook or disregard. The internet has made information easily accessible, resulting in its high influence. Nowadays, everyone can assess a company's reputation before deciding to work with them or make a purchase. Factors such as online reviews, media coverage, content quality, and overall brand visibility greatly impact a company's reputation, making it a crucial aspect for any business," says Prokhorov.

A company with the spirit

The company specialises in developing AI software that efficiently monitors, analyses, and promptly responds to online mentions. Their portfolio consists of two main applications: the Reputation House App, designed for large-scale online data analysis, and the My Reputation App, tailored for small businesses and personal use. With a proven track record spanning over a decade, Reputation House has successfully safeguarded the online reputations of over 1000 international clients, including governments, corporations, companies, NGOs, and individuals.

Reputation House has recently entered the UAE market, emphasising the crucial role of reputation in various industries. One notable project they launched is Real Estate Reputation Awards, which celebrates excellence in online presence among businesses and professionals in the local property niche. The Gala Ceremony, attended by over 150 esteemed guests, including developers, agencies, brokers, and media representatives, became a grand celebration of reputational excellence.

“Your online image is crucial as it shapes the perception of your brand among clients and partners. By prioritising reputation management, enhancing brand visibility, engaging customers through valuable content, optimizing website performance, leveraging social media platforms, and harnessing the power of online advertising, businesses can establish a robust online presence and attain long-term success,” concluded Prokhorov.

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Deepak Jain is a freelancer content writer.

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