Raising the bar: Malaak’s contributions to the UAE’s childcare industry over the last ten years

In recent years, the UAE has witnessed significant advancements in its childcare standards, thanks to progressive initiatives implemented by prestigious childcare companies such as Malaak Mama and Baby Care

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Published: Thu 28 Sep 2023, 4:48 PM

Last updated: Thu 5 Oct 2023, 4:51 PM

Malaak Mama and Baby Care was born out of an idea of supporting mothers who want to have a career yet wanted peace of mind having the best quality childcare for their precious little ones at home. Realising that there is a big gap in pre and postnatal support in the region and having a strong commitment to child welfare and development, the Malaak team have worked tirelessly to elevate the quality of babysitting and childcare services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to support families on their parenting journey.

Since inception in 2013, Malaak has gained a strong reputation as the first and leading Babysitting and Childcare Agency in the UAE. Over the last ten years, Malaak has expanded their services to offer support to families from pregnancy to early child development. Malaak offers families support through prenatal classes, hypnobirthing, lactation support, sleep training, nanny coaching, night nurses, babysitting and toddler weaning, potty training and experienced early childhood development supporting families through those crucial early years.

Over the last ten years, Malaak has raised the bar in babysitting and childcare services in the region through several initiatives including:

Quality childcare focused training: Recognising the critical role of early childhood safety and education, Malaak invests heavily in the latest comprehensive, evidence-based training programmes, ensuring that their team possess the necessary skills and knowledge to offer the highest level of care to children. This includes educational workshops, certification courses and continuous development opportunities, enabling the team to stay updated with the latest age-appropriate childcare practices.

Empowering staff: Providing the latest research-based training and strategies for the Malaak team not only improves the quality of care but empowers staff to be able to meet the unique needs of each child and facilitate optimal early childhood experiences and development, setting a strong foundation for their future success. Malaak creates a safe and nurturing environment for their team so they can make informed decisions while having opportunities that enhance their growth and development.

Promoting parental confidence: Malaak’s stringent quality controls and high quality training of their team instills a sense of assurance in parents, enabling parents to go back to work confidently with peace of mind knowing that their children are in the best hands. Parents are also empowered with the latest evidence-based knowledg from Malaak’s range of parenting classes, including the free prenatal classes as well as learning from Malaak’s team of childcare professionals so they can make informed decisions for their families.

Stringent regulatory requirements: Childcare is a vital aspect of modern society, supporting working parents and providing a nurturing environment for children's growth and development. However, the importance of regulating childcare services cannot be overstated. Ensuring that parents are using childcare support from regulated agencies that meet specific standards and guidelines is paramount to guaranteeing the safety, well-being, and optimal development of our children. Malaak is a regulated childcare agency, which ensures accountability and transparency and adherence to the latest in childcare education and guidelines.

Creating a parenting community: Malaak offers a free coffee morning every week where moms can come and bring their little ones to have some breakfast, coffee and spend time with parenting experts to get professional advice on their little ones’ routines or feeding patterns and meet other amazing moms while their little ones get cared for by Malaak’s incredible team of childcare professionals! Malaak have created a lovely parenting community where mothers can feel safe, ask their parenting questions without judgement and get some much-needed support that every parent needs- it does take a village after all, and Malaak is proud to be that for so many families in the region!

Through Malaak’s unwavering dedication and continual efforts, they have played a significant role in enhancing childcare standards in the UAE and continue to do so. Malaak’s commitment to empowering their team through the latest childcare expertise as well as fostering a safe environment that promotes their teams growth and development while following stringent regulations has had a notable impact on the childcare landscape. As they look to the future, Malaak remains steadfast in the pursuit of excellence, striving to shape the future generation of the UAE by providing unparalleled high quality care, expertise and support for families on their beautiful parenting journey.

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