Meet Alliance Street Consultancy: The one-stop-shop business consultancy in UAE

By simplifying the business establishment process, Alliance Street Consultancy offers a holistic suite of services that facilitates the entrepreneurial journey

By Anne Schulze

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Stallone Shaikh, CEO of Alliance Street Consultancy, and Martin Vasil
Stallone Shaikh, CEO of Alliance Street Consultancy, and Martin Vasil

Published: Thu 21 Mar 2024, 5:02 PM

The UAE is a hub of opportunity for businesses globally. Its burgeoning business environment, fuelled by a robust economy and a strategic geographical position, leads ambitious entrepreneurs to carve their niche in the UAE's dynamic market.

Yet, the journey to business success is easier said than done. The process is fraught with challenges, including a daunting array of paperwork and regulatory hurdles confronting new enterprises.

Addressing this vital need for guidance and support is where firms like Alliance Street Consultancy come into play. By simplifying the business establishment process, Alliance Street Consultancy offers a holistic suite of services that facilitates the entrepreneurial journey.

Stallone Shaikh, CEO of Alliance Street Consultancy, understands that entrepreneurs seek a centralised source for all their business-related queries and requirements in today's fast-paced business. With this, he designed Alliance Street Consultancy to rise to this occasion, partnering with new enterprises to facilitate smooth launching and lay a solid foundation for business ventures.

The Reality of Setting up a Business

Launching a business in the UAE transcends basic administrative tasks. With Stallone's rich background in managing accounts for leading finance firms and exposure to UAE’s business landscape for the past 13 years, he has honed a deep understanding of the multifaceted nature of establishing a business in this dynamic region.

Stallone points out that although setting up a company in the UAE may appear straightforward, there are still several decision-making aspects across various sectors. Critical considerations with exhaustive documentation, gathering of requirements, and variable timelines, especially for foreign businesses, demand meticulous planning and efficient time management.

Stallone emphasises that overlooking these crucial components may result in a precarious business foundation, jeopardising the venture's inception.

A Vital Business Partner

Understanding the demanding nature of business setup tasks highlights the importance of having seasoned business consultants like Alliance Street Consultancy. The company prides itself on its extensive tools and services, its team of expert consultants, and even a partnership with a European legal firm, Vasil Legal, headed by Martin Vasiľ. This team has successfully assisted thousands of business owners and founders in establishing their enterprises in Dubai.

According to Stallone, their approach is comprehensive — they do the heavy lifting so entrepreneurs can focus on the exhilarating journey of starting their new business, knowing that the intricate details of company formation are in capable hands.

Business Set-up Made Easy

At the heart of Alliance Street Consultancy is expertise that extends beyond just offering services to deliver value at every step.

"From accounting, tax and VAT, legal compliance, operational needs, and even consultant-to-consultant services, our goal is to streamline the business setup process. By knowing what works and the processes needed, we save time and spare businesses the hassle of navigating complex documentation," explains Stallone.

One of the critical services Alliance Street Consultancy prides itself on is assisting businesses in opening bank accounts in UAE, especially the high-risk ones. His extensive network, built through years in the industry, ensures clients receive prompt and accurate banking services for their ventures.

Stallone mentions, “Opening a bank account in the UAE can be challenging and time-consuming, often taking months due to rigorous verifications. This can be a major issue for those on tight schedules. Therefore, we've carefully researched and crafted strategies to make this process quicker, easier, and free from complications.”

Moreover, the consultancy's services encompass visa processing, will preparation, and setting up trusts and foundations, further solidifying its reputation as a comprehensive one-stop-shop for all business setup and documentation needs.

Blueprint of Business Success

While Alliance Street Consultancy offers a platform for businesses to launch successfully in the UAE, it's crucial to recognise that the initial setup is just the beginning of a longer journey. In this context, Alliance Street Consultancy strongly emphasises long-term thinking and planning. Stallone understands that the journey continues after establishing a business. Instead, the post-establishment phase often determines the trajectory of success.

Anticipating and preparing for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead is essential. This foresight allows Alliance Street Consultancy to equip businesses not just for a successful launch but also for sustainable growth and prosperity in the competitive landscape of the UAE.

— Anne Schulze is a freelancer content writer.

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