ICAI Dubai Chapter organises ‘Bull Runs to Business Ventures’

The ICAI Dubai Chapter's seminar served as a beacon of knowledge and inspiration for individuals seeking to explore the myriad opportunities in the Indian financial market and entrepreneurial ecosystem

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Published: Fri 8 Mar 2024, 1:05 PM

The ICAI Dubai Chapter recently hosted a seminar titled ‘From Bull Runs to Business Ventures: Diving into Indian Stocks and Startups’, aiming to provide insights into the dynamic landspe of Indian financial markets and entrepreneurial endeavours. The event attracted a diverse audience of professionals and enthusiasts eager to delve deeper into the intricies of wealth creation and business opportunities.

Addressing the audience in his opening remarks, chairman ICAI Dubai Harikishan Rankawat expressed his gratitude for the gathering and highlighted the importance of the seminar in facilitating knowledge exchange and fostering collaboration among industry stakeholders. He mentioned that the impact of Chartered Accountants on the Indian stock market is profound and undeniable which is evident as Motilal Oswal and his partner Raamdeo Agarwal from our own fraternity are the founders of one of the most well-diversified financial services firm Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited of India.

He further mentioned that Indian Chartered Accountants are working in senior positions in financial institutions and regulatory bodies and they have played a pivotal role in shaping the stock market's integrity.

The seminar commenced with an illustrious lineup of speakers, headlined by chief guest Siddharth Balachandran, executive director and CEO of Buimerc Corporation. Balachandran, a seasoned leader in the corporate world, set the tone for the event with his inspiring address, emphasising the potential for growth and innovation in the Indian market.

Following Balachandran's opening remarks, the stage was set for an engaging discourse on various facets of financial planning and investment strategies. Renowned keynote speakers took center stage, beginning with Motilal Oswal. In his presentation titled 'Bharat: Sone Ki Chidiya', Oswal captivated the audience with his insights into the evolving landscape of Indian economy and the potential for wealth creation.

Rami Moussa, executive director of sales and distribution at National Bonds, introduced attendees to the ‘Introduction to Golden Pension Plan’ by National Bonds. His informative session shed light on the importance of financial planning for retirement, offering valuable advice on securing a stable future through prudent investment strategies.

The seminar also featured Apoorva Vora, co-founder of Finvolve Ventures Private Limited, who delved into the ‘Opportunities in the Indian Startup Ecosystem’. Vora’s presentation highlighted the burgeoning opportunities for financial professionals in India’s vibrant startup ecosystem, showsing the potential for innovation and growth in this sector.

Closing the event on a high note, Gautam Shah, founder of Goldilocks Premier Research, shared his expertise on 'The Art of Wealth Creation: Thoughts, Techniques, and Temperament'. Shah's insightful session provided attendees with practical strategies for navigating the complex world of wealth management, emphasising the importance of mindset and discipline in achieving financial success.

The seminar concluded with a vibrant exchange of ideas and networking opportunities, leaving attendees inspired and equipped with valuable insights to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of Indian stocks and startups.

In summary, the ICAI Dubai Chapter's seminar served as a beacon of knowledge and inspiration for individuals seeking to explore the myriad opportunities in the Indian financial market and entrepreneurial ecosystem. As participants depart with newfound wisdom and enthusiasm, the event's impact is poised to reverberate across borders, fostering collaboration and growth in the global financial community.

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