Expert in digital product management, Tanay Shah, discusses the art of leveraging technology to create innovative products

Having navigated the dynamic waters of digital product management for a considerable time, Tanay has consistently adapted to the shifts and trends of the digital world

By Mohsin AL Moharrak

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Published: Fri 26 Jan 2024, 5:04 PM

In this rapidly evolving digital environment companies are operating in, product managers, now more than ever, play a key role in pushing the boundaries of innovation to deliver premium products while meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

While effective communication, leadership skills, and strategic thinking can’t be ignored, effectively leveraging technology while staying ahead of the technology curve is vital to digital product managers.

Tanay Shah stands out as a seasoned professional in the realm of digital product management. With a track record of over ten years, he has been instrumental in spearheading transformative initiatives across several of the globe’s top digital marketplaces, such as Wayfair, Amazon, and Staples. His expertise has been a driving force behind the adoption and implementation of innovative changes within these platforms.

Having navigated the dynamic waters of digital product management for a considerable time, Tanay has consistently adapted to the shifts and trends of the digital world. His recent endeavors include a role at Amazon, where, as a Senior Product Manager, he has been at the forefront of developing the Smart Shopping Cart.

“In today’s digital landscape, technology acts as the backbone of product innovation, enabling us to craft solutions that truly resonate with the users’ needs,” Tanay says, discussing the importance of leveraging technology to create innovative products that meet customer needs.

In the following article, Tanay shares his views on the role of technology in the digital product management space and how digital product managers will need to leverage that technology.

The Role of Technology

People are no longer satisfied with using products or services that don’t function perfectly, flow smoothly, or contain development bugs that lead to crashes or loops. Customers are searching for solutions to their problems and products that improve their life or lifestyle, not another version of something already available. Digital product managers need to focus on the future, consistently searching for the next step forward in the technology journey.

A Customer-Centric Approach

Digital product managers need to understand the problems their customers are facing and utilise new technology to deliver innovative solutions to improve their lives.

“Our focus isn’t just on technology; it’s about using technology smartly to create products that customers find not only useful but indispensable.”

Adaptability and Innovation

Being first to market with an innovative product will guarantee a larger market share, putting your company in an excellent position to leverage that market share to develop the next evolution. Being flexible while focusing on emerging technology allows you to adapt to changes in the market and focus on innovation while your competitors focus on catching up.

Balancing New Technology with User Experience

Tanay has carefully balanced new technology implementation in digital products with a seamless customer experience. While new technology can be highly beneficial, explains Tanay, if the leap forward is too great for most users, it will lead to poor customer experience, ultimately dooming a technologically superior product.

The Challenges Facing Product Developers When Leveraging Technology

Tanay explains that leveraging technology in innovative ways to deliver a superior product or service is always a balancing act between product development, user experience, and adaptability.

“You need to spend as much time understanding the customer and their needs, including how they utilise the product and incorporate it into their daily lives, as you do on product development. You can create a better solution with a better understanding of the problem.”

With his deep understanding of customer expectations, Tanya Shah has become a highly sought-after and influential figure in digital product management sector.

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— Mohsin AL Moharrak is a business journalist.

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