BNI Deira Dubai launches BNI Legends, aims for unprecedented growth

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Published: Thu 21 Dec 2023, 2:32 PM

Business Network International (BNI) Deira Dubai has recently inaugurated the BNI Legends chapter, marking a significant addition to the BNI community. This event is notable for being the largest chapter launch in the UAE, accomplished in an impressively short period of just two weeks.

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The project was spearheaded by Dr Pankaj Gupta, executive director, BNI Deira Dubai. Dr Gupta and his legendary power team, drawn from BNI Deira's regional chapters, embarked on this initiative to push beyond perceived limits and achieve what once seemed unattainable. The mission is to inject new vitality into the businesses and aim for 200 per cent growth by or before the end of 2024.

Insights from the recent BNI Global Convention in Madrid inspired this ambitious undertaking. A significant influence was Dr Ivan Misner, founder of BNI, who introduced his book "3rd Paradigm," which emphasises co-creation in business. Dr Misner's discussions on legendary figures who have left lasting legacies and Bharat Daga's presentation on integrating passion with purpose sparked the idea for the BNI Legends project.

Dr Gupta, in collaboration with Diksha Vohra, director consultant at BNI Deira Dubai, transformed this concept into a mission, which came to fruition on December 20th. This achievement paves the way for new growth opportunities for businesses in the UAE and positively impacts the future of SMEs in Dubai.

Business Network International is a 39-year-old organisation with a presence in 77 countries and over 315,000 members worldwide. BNI UAE, led by Bijay Rajnikant Shah, national director, boasts over 1000 business members. Committed to influencing 10,000 lives by 2025, BNI UAE focuses on changing business practices through referral marketing fostering personal and professional growth among its members.

Following the successful launch of the BNI Legends chapter, Dr Gupta's team is now focused on achieving an ambitious 200 per cent business growth for all their legendary team members by the end of 2024. This target symbolises the transformative power of co-creation and innovative thinking in the business sector. The BNI Legends chapter serves as an exemplar of how overcoming mental barriers and uniting collective passions can lead to extraordinary business achievements.

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