Black Lemon celebrates new 360°chapter in Dubai and metaverse Web3 gathering

Published: Fri 25 Nov 2022, 2:36 PM

Black Lemon, MENA’s leading Web3 Lab and NFT production house, celebrated its grand new 360 chapter on November 17th, wherein members of the MENA crypto and NFT community gathered in an immersive virtual and physical event happening concurrently at Babiole - Hilton Dubai, and in the metaverse.

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The physical event showcased the first-ever reveal of Black Lemon's new utility and community-powered ‘MADZ’ NFT collection, which will instigate the project’s launch onto the Ethereum blockchain.

Over 120 attendees, including the Black Lemon team and it’s founder/CEO, Ghassub Chedid; Zayaan; Maria; Anas; Danosch; Rahim, founders of Arts Dao, the largest NFT community in Dubai; Kristel Bechara, an award-winning contemporary and NFT artist; Jon Perkins, the co-founder of SuperRarex; Paola Franqui, aka ‘Monaris’ Lightroom and Sony ambassador and Mondoir, the famous NFT Collector, gathered in the night of incredible celebration.

Meanwhile, attendees from across the world also took part in the metaverse event replica on Spatial which featured sneak-peeks into the ‘MADZ’ avatars, helmets, and rinds, as well as a live-streaming of the Dubai event.

Black Lemon is the first Web3 and NFT production lab in MENA that is redefining the conceptualisation, production, and launch of exceptional Web3 platforms, digital collectibles, and virtual experiences.

In only 18 months of its inception, Black Lemon has already established a proven track record of Web3 and NFT command. It’s new 360 chapter entails the company’s end-to-end integration of all possible Web3 services and solutions, which its industry-expert team will provide to brands, celebrities, and institutional entities interested in tapping into the complex Web3 space.

The project’s core services include Web3 platforms (2D/3D NFT generation, smart contracts development and audit, front-end, back-end, CMS, user interface, cloud services), NFT creative studio (Conceptualisation, 2D and 3D art production, 3D animation, creative storytelling, Web2 and Web3 UI/UX design, AR and VR production), and NFT launchpad (sales strategy, marketing strategy, tokenomics, tech support, concept development, ICO support, INO support)

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