Achieve your dreams of business setup in Dubai with ConsultZone

Published: Fri 27 Jan 2023, 6:03 PM

Consult Zone, Dubai’s leading business setup consultancy, provides hassle-free solutions to start your business in UAE. Our highly skilled team extracts all the hardships, streamlines all the procedures, and focuses on delivering the best quality service so that entrepreneurs can focus on running their business.

We find solutions to the challenges that stand in the way of creating a successful business in the world’s most thriving economic structure, the UAE. We assist in establishing businesses as complete projects, including choosing the best company formation category, organizing the paperwork needed, banking advisory, visas and much more. Consult Zone is Dubai's finest business setup company for all entrepreneurial needs.

Our processes have been contoured to provide the most professional services, so prerequisites like obtaining a business visa will be easy going forward. With the help of our skilled translators, we can translate official business papers from English to Arabic swiftly. Additionally, we also provide Audit and VAT registration and advising services, assist with government transactions, PR management, telephony, real estate, IT, and digital marketing.

We, at Consult Zone, can turn the dream of setting up a business in the UAE into reality for people not only in the UAE but around the world in the easiest way with all the legal requirements.

We are a multilingual team with experience in corporate building, human resources, travel and tourism, accounts, legal and immigration services.

Services offered

Consult Zone is a certified business setup consultancy in Dubai, providing comprehensive all-inclusive services for setting up a company. We have assisted entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world in incorporating their license and business in Dubai. In Dubai, we have seasoned advisers for business settings, attorneys, interpreters, and visa professionals on staff. These experts collaborate across critical corporate services devoted to developing an individual or business.

We can help our clients with the following:

  • Mainland and Free zone Business Setup Services in Dubai.
  • Smooth Offshore Company Formation Services.
  • Enjoy 100 per cent of your income with a zero per cent income tax scheme.
  • Operate without an office in the Free zone or virtual office in mainland.
  • Minimum paperwork and auditing.
  • Access to Asia, Africa, and the Middle East market.
  • Benefits from 100+ double taxation agreements.

Starting a business in Dubai's diverse market is challenging and time-consuming. However, the advantages of investing in this potential industry outweigh the risks.

The motivation behind Consultzone

“The beginning is the most important part of the work"

This admirable idea inspired Consult Zone to greatly support business visionaries and entrepreneurs as they establish their companies in the UAE and look towards. By continually improving, we built a company to help people around the globe by earning trust. Thus, making us one reliable choice in the pool of infinite consultancies working their way to help people set up businesses in Dubai.

What makes Consultzone an ultimate and better choice

We believe our core values — integrity, excellence, consistency, and transparency make us an ultimate and better choice for all the consultation and processes. These values are our foundational stones and have helped us win over the trust over the years.

As a group of skilled specialists with expertise in business formation services, we are knowledgeable in this field. We handle each case individually and are well-versed in every aspect of the company formation procedure. Holistic approach is what makes us better than the competitions in the field.

Boom in entrepreneurial activities in the UAE

The UAE's market is constantly striding towards new highs, like new skyscrapers are made every day; the economy is also setting up records higher than ever. We, at Consult Zone, have always been passionate about research. We like to be thorough with the services that we offer our clients. This entrepreneurial boom has helped our consultancy do better than before as we have been able to showcase our talents to a broader clientele. Better services correspond to better results which means greater number of referrals.

Providing business setup consultation services

We believe in providing a holistic approach to our clients. Our prime objective is to excel in providing business setup services, our services go above and beyond just the documentation in a way that the client is at ease, which is essential owing to the business setting activities that have surged lately. The clients need to be provided with the correct information by the people they rely on. Our consultation service for business setup in Dubai is one safe choice regarding investment as we provide a meticulous process which saves money, time and effort from the client.

Expansion plans

We are looking forward to expanding our services to all the GCC Countries. For now, we are focusing on the UAE. But yes, soon, we can broaden our circle and go beyond the UAE OR GCC. Additionally, we have our counterparts in other GCC countries, Spain and the UK.

Next five years

I want to see Consult Zone doing better than before by providing our clients with the most reliable and trustworthy services to turn their dreams into reality.

What makes ConsultZone a trustworthy choice

Our clients are our greatest assets. Transparency and trust make us a better option because it is all about our clients and their money and effort. We have built our clientele over the years with the kind of services that we offer which makes them return to us. We own their resources, whether its the money or the time. We want to help our clients in the best possible way through our advisory and legal services to save them from any hassle.

Advice to foreign investors

Remember to take consultation services for your business setup in Dubai. The consultation can save you from the considerable inconvenience with regards to costs and time which may hamper your path to success.

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