Dubai: Dh1.2 million payout for family of man who was kidnapped, murdered

The victim's business partner planned the crime


Afkar Ali Ahmed

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Published: Tue 31 May 2022, 3:03 PM

A businessman's family will be compensated with Dh1.2 million. The man was kidnapped and murdered in Dubai five years ago.

The businessman was travelling to the country with his female business partner, in August 2017, who took the help of four men to kidnap and murder the Chinese businessman.

The suspects arrived in Dubai before the lady and the victim arrived on August 4, 2017.

On the following day, the convicted kidnapped the victim from his hotel and took him in a Land Cruiser to a villa in Jumeirah.

“The victim and his female partner were supposed to stay in the Emirate for a few days only after they arrived from New Zealand and were then to board a plane to Portugal,” said Dr Hasan Elhais, Legal Consultant from Al Rowaad Advocates that represents the victim’s family.

When the victim no longer answered his son’s calls, the son arrived in Dubai and reported his father missing.

“We filed a civil case because the man’s family were deprived of their provider in a very vicious way,” said Dr Hasan Elhais, Legal Consultant from Al Rowaad Advocates which represents the victim’s family.

Officers located the hotel where the man was staying and video footage from the hotel’s surveillance cameras showed that he was taken to a car by four men and the woman. The man's female business partner planned the crime.

Investigators were able to connect the woman and the four men to the man’s disappearance but found out they had left the country on August 8 that year.

A month later, three of the five suspects were arrested after their transit flight landed in Dubai International Airport.

“The civil court’s verdict stated that Dh200,000 part of the compensation amount is for the excruciating pain the man endured while being brutally attacked and for the betrayal he must have felt from his partner,” said Elhais.

He added that a five per cent interest rate would be applicable on the total sum as per the court ruling.

“If it was not paid now and the convicts wait for their release from prison to pay it, the amount will increase to Dh2.4M in total,” said Dr Elhais.

He said court records showed that the woman had planned the crime and asked the men to come to Dubai to carry it out with the aim of stealing the victim’s money.

The suspects buried his body in a deserted area in Abu Dhabi before they stole more than Dh145,000 from his bank account through bank transfers.

Forensic reports say he died of multiple head, chest and back fractures after he was assaulted with solid objects.

While the woman and her son remain at large, the other three offenders are serving their sentences.


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