Lead, kindly light


Lead, kindly light

Five objects of desire that we thought we should pick up/try out right away - in case stores run out of them!


Sushmita Bose

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Published: Thu 16 Nov 2017, 11:00 PM

Last updated: Fri 17 Nov 2017, 1:00 AM

Ladies and gents, meet the Badal Candelabra by Uttermost: it's a luxury candle-holder, plated with brushed brass, and mounted on a black marble base (how regal is that!). It comes with three distressed off-white candles - to light up your life, as they glisten against the brass. A fantastic prop for the dining table or the centre-Previewtable or even atop a mantelpiece. 
Available at: Interiors/Price: Dh1,125
A rose is still a rose

Rose is so not an 'exclusive' scent, but it's been one of my faves. I caught a whiff of Rose Extase by Nina Ricci at a mall recently: rose, infused with something tart and musky, and altogether smelt divine. I looked it up online and realised it's a fusion-sillage - a wake-up call that'll leave you feeling all melty and weak in the knees.  Other than the notes of sumptuously scented rose petals, there's a hint of acidic raspberry (just a hint, mind you), and a whirl of vanilla musks. Voilà!
Available at: Wojooh, Sephora, Paris Gallery, Harvey Nichols, Debenhams, Areej. Price: Dh395
Coral secrets for the bathroom

Towels have always been special: the first thing I check out when I check into a hotel (room) is
how they are neatly stacked up in the bathroom. There are so many kinds of them, neatly folded and ironed... the big-sized one that you can comfortably drape around you, the bath one that you pat yourself dry with, the face one to launch a thousand faces... and so on. Imagine getting a similar collection - in coral pink, made of Egyptian cotton - for home!  
Available at: Marks & Spencer/Price: Dh115 (bath); Dh175 (extra large); Dh65 (hand); Dh20 (face).
Putting on octagonal blinkers

I've just lost a pair of lovely shades, so I'm on the lookout for a replacement (okay, I have quite a few pairs scattered around at home, but this seems like too good an opportunity to pass up - so I can get over the trauma of the loss and move on with life). This pair, with eight sides, is not the regular, everyday sort that I can rough use, but methinks, it'll draw the right looks towards me. I like how there's a "mind the gaps" design element to the shades - very chic, very French... But then, this is Chloé - what else  would you expect?  
Available at: Chloé/Price: Dh1,990
Choked by emotion

I'm in the grip of chokers - wherever I see them, I stop to have a look and toy with ideas of purchase. This neckpiece is a thoughtful one because those who don't like being strangled around the neck, can simply loosen the bow. I, on the other hand, like being choked. Check out the colour combo: gold and black. Real pretty design too.    
Available at: Intropia (Mall of the Emirates, Dubai)/Price: Dh409

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