The weight of love Filed on February 9, 2018
The weight of love

I often wonder about power couples: they may be managing their work:life balance alright, but what about work:love? When both parties live in an endless maze of high-powered meetings and late nights, refusing to let careers play second fiddle to their love lives, not reining in on ambitions and aspirations, exactly how difficult is it to retain the magic of romance? I wonder simply because I know so many folks who have willingly compromised on "quality of love" since they had/have no time for it. Relationships lie in shambles, love finds it way to the rocks, and the result is a bunch of successful people who come back home to a lonely penthouse. For Valentine's Day, we decided to look at power couples - men and women who have immensely satisfying professional growth stories - who have not lost the yen for love. It takes a lot of effort to be on the same page: for one, both parties have to be equally committed to the idea of love, not scoff at it; second, they must (willingly) agree that a little bit of compromise is a necessity - on both sides - and that there's nothing demeaning about having to "compromise"... in fact, it can be quite fulfilling. There are a host of other aspects they need to factor in so that love is never lost - but let me not let the cat out of the bag at the outset. Tune in to love in the times of spiralling ambitions, keeping in mind V-Day is around the corner. While you are at it, check out our gifting section too: if you have a special someone in your life, take your pick and make him or her happy with a token of love!
Susie Goodall is a 28-year-old who is about to embark on a 300-day-long sailing trip never before undertaken by a woman. While she's all agog to dive right in to her upcoming adventure, she's a bit concerned about the social isolation while she's on the high seas... alone. Who wouldn't be? Find out more about Susie and her life lessons! Debbie Wingham has baked the world's most expensive cake: with a price tag of more then 48 million pounds. Yes, you read that right! You may be wondering why - and there's only one way for you to find out! The mysteries of the Caribbeans are unfolded as we take you on a 7-island tour in Travel. Kitchen Classics treats you to recipes made with love - yes, one for V-Day again. Want a good night's sleep? Then, watch what you eat... Fit & Fab shows you the way.
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Sushmita Bose

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