Year of the 50th: Fifty expats to be honoured for their contributions to UAE


Dubai - 'Face of the Emirates' to laud community members from Asia, Africa, Arab and Western countries


Waheed Abbas

Published: Sun 24 Oct 2021, 11:13 AM

As the UAE marks the Year of 50, around 50 expatriates in the UAE will be honoured for their contribution to the country's development.

This includes businessmen and professionals from Asia, Africa, Arab and Western countries.

The UAE has invited everyone who calls the country home is invited to the celebrations that started earlier this month.

"We are launching 'Face of Emirates' to thank and honour those expatriates who have made huge contributions. 'Face of Emirates' is a tribute to acknowledge the contribution of Expat business community over the past 50 years, who are delivering their services for the development of this great country. We are giving tribute to expats in Golden Jubilee month of our country," said Yahya Mohammed Alblooshi, chairman of BizWays Marketing Management, which will organise the event.

He added that "Face of Emirates" will be a celebration for the expats from the local community.

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Alblooshi said there is no denying that expats have played a fundamental part in the accomplishment of this nation as they make up approximately 80 per cent of the UAE population.

Aslam Sarkani, managing director at BizWays Marketing Management, said the UAE has a positive take on everything and is dynamic.

"There is such an energy in making things better and a 'can do' attitude in general. UAE always open its arms to make people from all around the world feel welcome."

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