Watch: UAE's first female train captain drives the Etihad Rail

In 2017, Etihad Rail launched a 3-year diploma program with Abu Dhabi Institute


Ruqayya Al Qaydi

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Photo: Wam
Photo: Wam

Published: Mon 28 Aug 2023, 2:59 PM

Last updated: Mon 28 Aug 2023, 10:30 PM

As the UAE observes Emirati Women's Day, Etihad Rail highlights the outstanding contributions of women who have become pioneers in the railway sector.

One of the shining examples is Sara Al Mazrouei, the first Emirati female train captain, whose success story embodies the aspirations of Emirati women.

Her journey from the Abu Dhabi Vocational Education and Training Institute to becoming a diploma holder in railways illustrates the commitment of Emirati women to excel in traditionally male-dominated industries.

In her words, Al Mazrouei expressed to Wam the honour she felt after becoming the first Emirati female train captain, emphasizing on the support and opportunities provided by the Union Railway Company.

She highlighted the company's dedication to nurturing local talent and boosting their presence in the industry, aligning with government directives to empower Emirati contributions across sectors.

Etihad Rail sharpens skills through diverse training, both within the company and partnering with global experts.

Flexibility, she noted, contributed to her success by striking a balance between work and personal life, as the company employs a 'shifts' system ensuring global safety standards are met.

Al Mazrouei urged Emirati women to passionately pursue knowledge in all sectors saying, "I encourage Emirati women to achieve success in all sectors, as they possess the competence, support, and assistance to reach their goals and fulfil their aspirations.”

In 2017, Etihad Rail launched a 3-year diploma program with Abu Dhabi Institute.

The program trains Emirati workers in railway engineering and transport management, improving job prospects and skills.

Expanding the UAE's national railway network and starting freight train operations brings economic growth, better infrastructure, transportation, and trade within the country.

The national railway network offers economic potential over 50 years, saving travel and accident costs, contributing to economic benefits and road maintenance savings.

It also connects rural areas to cities, improves communication, and aims at reducing carbon emissions by 21 per cent by 2050.


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