UAE: Taxi driver honoured for returning money left behind by passenger

The passenger informed the officials and expressed his happiness and appreciation


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Mon 14 Mar 2022, 4:43 PM

Waseem Arshad Muhammad Arshad, a taxi driver in Ajman, has been honoured for his honesty after returning a large sum of money left behind by a passenger in the back seat of his vehicle.

The Ajman public transportation Authority (APTA) honoured Waseem to appreciate his honesty and good behaviour.

On the day of the incident, Waseem discovered that one of his passengers had forgotten a large sum of money in the back seat of his taxi.

The honest driver went above-and-beyond-the-call-of-duty, searched for the passenger, and handed over the money.

The passenger expressed his happiness and appreciation to the driver and informed the Ajman public transportation Authority officials.

The authority praised the driver's positive behaviour, sincerity and honesty.


Such honours to employees is an incentive for all drivers, and authorities call on everyone to abide by their moral duty and implement the concept of community partnership. This also enhances the positive image of taxi users in Ajman.

The authority offers several training and awareness programs for drivers in various fields to raise efficiency, develop their capabilities, and improve the level of service provision to the public according to the highest and best standards.

The public can order taxis through the smart application Route Ajman, which is an integrated application for booking vehicles of all categories.

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