UAE: Police reveal top causes of accidents during summer as new safety campaign is announced

Abu Dhabi cops release 5 tips to stay cool while driving during the hot weather

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Image used for illustratove purposes only
Image used for illustratove purposes only

Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Sun 26 Jun 2022, 1:03 PM

As heat in the country climbs higher, motorists are urged to ensure that their cars are in good condition in order to avoid accidents.

Abu Dhabi authorities inform motorists that bad and expired tyres pose a danger on roads as they can burst due to high temperature

Police have advised drivers to use good quality tyres that conform to specifications and to ensure that their car tyres are always in good condition.

Traffic authorities in the emirate also say that major causes of traffic accidents during the summer include driving with expired and worn-out tyres, underinflated or overinflated tyres and overloading of vehicles.

“Drivers should regularly check their car tyres to ensure they are in a good condition as air pressure in them normally increases especially in hot weather condition,” police say.

Authorities also advised motorists to stop their car safely and turn off the engine as soon as they realise something may be wrong.

As part of the new summer safety campaign, Abu Dhabi Police have provided five guidelines for motorists to keep them safe on the roads during this hot weather. These include:

  • Ensure regular maintenance of your car
  • Ensure that you have the right type of tyres and always maintain the tyre pressure.
  • If you left your car parked under direct hit of the sun, wait for the steering to cool down before setting off
  • Don’t leave children alone in the vehicle even for a minute when going for shopping or for any other reason
  • It is good to open your windows just a tiny bit when parking in hot conditions as a bit of ventilation can lower the temperature inside your car

Motorists caught flouting rules and driving with worn or damaged tyres will be fined Dh500 and have four black points put on their driving licences. Their vehicle will also be also impounded for a week.


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