UAE: Man defrauded of Dh206,000 in car sale scam

He was told that the car he wanted to buy had been mortgaged and had many traffic fines that needed to be cleared


Ismail Sebugwaawo

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Published: Mon 31 Oct 2022, 9:47 AM

A young man filed a civil lawsuit against three people demanding that they pay him Dh300,000 for allegedly taking his money after promising to sell him luxury cars.

The plaintiff said he also paid traffic fines worth Dh206,000 which had been recorded on the cars after the defendants deceived him that it would be deducted from the purchase amount he had to pay.

The man said is his lawsuit that the first defendant in the case lied to him that he owned a Lexus car. He deluded him that the car had been mortgaged and also had many traffic fines that needed to be cleared.

The plaintiff said the first defendant had asked him to transfer Dh206,000 to the second defendant so they can clear the traffic fines before handing him the car, which he did. He also presented to court documents to support his claim.

The victim added that before receiving the Lexus car, the first defendant said that the third defendant had another Mercedes car which he also wanted to sell.

During the negotiation between the complainant and the first and the third defendant for the sell of the Mercedes car, the two men were arrested by the police before completing the deal. The man had found out that the car didn’t belong to the third defendant and they were trying to defraud him.

The plaintiff had filed a criminal complaint against the three men for defrauding him and taking his money, but he later withdrew his complaint against them.

The man decided to take the case the Abu Dhabi Family and Civil Administrative Court which ordered that the men pay Dh250,000 to the plaintiff for fraudulently taking his money and to compensate him for damages.

The men were also told to pay for the plaintiff’s legal expenses.


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