Sridevi updates: Body leaves for Mumbai

Dubai - The body has reached the Dubai airport.

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By Team KT

Published: Tue 27 Feb 2018, 9:08 AM

Last updated: Thu 29 Dec 2022, 4:03 PM

Bollywood actress Sridevi passed away in her hotel room in the Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Dubai, at 11pm on Saturday, a source in the Indian Consulate in Dubai revealed.
She reportedly had a fainting spell in her bathroom and was immediately rushed to Rashid Hospital in Dubai. The hotel, however, refused to comment on the matter and an employee stated that it is under police investigation. Sources in the Indian Consulate said that she was brought dead to the hospital.

Here are the latest updates:  

After completion of all local processes, mortal remains of Sridevi are now on en route to Mumbai, Indian ambassador to UAE, Navdeep Suri, said in a tweet.

"The forensic report showed her death was an accident and foul play has been ruled out so the case has been closed," a public prosecution source told Khaleej Times.
Sridevi's body reaches Dubai airport.
Sridevi's body leaves for the airport.
Sridevi's body has arrived at the embalming unit in Muhaisna.

Dubai Media Office has shared a series of tweets informing that Dubai Public Prosecution has approved the release of the body of Sridevi to her family following the completion of a comprehensive investigation into the circumstances of her death. 
Khaleej Times is now at the embalming unit, where Sridevi's body is expected to arrive shortly. 
Sridevi's body has left the morgue at Dubai Police Headquarters and is on its way to reach the embalming unit in Muhaisna. The body has been handed over by the officials to the family members. 
Boney Kapoor's nephew Saurabh Malhotra is waiting outside the morgue to collect the body and to then accompany it to the embalming centre. 
Khaleej Times journalist positioned outside the morgue confirmed that Sridevi's body is expected to leave the morgue any minute now.
Indian Consulate officials and family members have arrived at the morgue to collect Sridevi's body. An ambulance can be seen waiting to take the body.  

Dubai Police has handed over the Indian Consulate and the family members of Boney Kapoor the letters for the release of the mortal remains of the Indian cinema icon Sridevi Boney Kapoor. The body can now proceed for embalming.
Officials have informed Khaleej Times that after the initial death certificate that was issued yesterday, a detailed forensic report from Dubai Public Prosecution is awaited before releasing the body.  
There is still no official update on the permissions required for repatriation of Sridevi's body. We have no confirmation on when the body will be released.
Khaleej Times visited the Bur Dubai police station early Tuesday morning to ascertain if Sridevi's body will be released from forensics department today.
Two members from Sridevi's family and three representatives from the Indian Consulate in Dubai were spotted at the station.
KT tried to speak to the on-site consulate officials, however, they have refused to provide any updates in the matter.
It was also told that they have been at the station since 8am this morning. Both family members and consulate officials left the station approximately at 11.30 am. Sources confirmed to Khaleej Times that the permission to release the body was not yet received as Dubai Police is still awaiting permissions from the Dubai Public Prosecution, which is continuing the legal procedures. 
Arjun Kapoor has left for Dubai today morning to be with his father at the hotel while formalities are being completed. He will be around to oversee the return journey,  said a PR from Yash Raj Films, according to an ANI tweet. 
Since morning, there has been no major development in Sridevi's repatriation to India. Representatives of Kapoor family are meeting with the authorities to get the clearance.
Stay tuned for more updates.

Tuesday, 9.40am 
Indian Consulate officials and family members of Boney Kapoor and Sridevi are waiting to receive a clearance letter from the Dubai Public Prosecution. 
Speaking to Khaleej Times, officials at Indian Consulate assured that the Dubai Police were following a usual protocol and not delaying the process. They need to be 100 per cent sure before handing over the body to the family. Considering the highly sensitive nature of the case, Dubai Police is leaving no stone unturned to help the family, said the official.  
Tuesday, 8.30am
Today is the third day after Sridevi's death and her body is still in the mortuary in Dubai. Dubai Police has moved the case to Dubai Public Prosecutor and it needs clearance before being taken to the embalming unit in Muhaisna.  
As per standard police investigation procedures, director and husband of the late Sridevi, Boney Kapoor, only provided his testimony on Sunday morning. The conversation between police and the director took place when her body was discovered at Jumeirah Emirates Tower Hotel on the night of her death.
However, he was not called by the police on Monday for further interrogation. All media reports regarding further questioning are baseless, according to sources in the Dubai Police. Khaleej Times has confirmed reports on this matter.

Usual embalming happens from 7am to 5pm. But in exceptional cases, when the embalming unit in Muhaisna get a call from higher authorities, they perform the embalming at any given time. At the time of reporting this, sources at the unit in Muhaisna revealed that there was only one body present at the centre, and the staff at the unit were heading home.

The Dubai Police officials have told Khaleej Times that the Indian actor's death was caused due to drowning in her room apartment 2201 Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel after losing consciousness. The case has been referred to the Dubai public prosecution for further  investigation.
Sources have revealed to Khaleej Times that Boney Kapoor's family and a group of social workers are awaiting approvals for the release of the body from the public prosecutor.   
Authorities say the chances of releasing the body today are slim. More details are awaited. 
Sridevi fans gathered outside Dubai Police's Forensic Department to catch a glimpse of the legendary actress for one last time. We spoke to a few.  

3.45 pm
Dubai Police in a tweet confirmed that the cause of actress Sridevi's death as accidental drowning. They posted a series of updates on the same.  
Khaleej Times has exclusively obtained a copy of Sridevi's death certificate. Accidental drowning and not cardiac arrest has been mentioned as the cause of her death.
Sources in the police department and an exclusively obtained copy of Sridevi's death certificate has confirmed that her cause of death is accidental drowning. The late actor did not suffer a cardiac arrest. However, early reports also suggest that she lost her balance and fell into the tub. Khaleej Times had reported late last night that she was found dead in a bathtub full of water. This information has now been confirmed by official sources. Her body will soon be moved to the Al Muhaisana embalming unit and will be repatriated to Mumbai, India at the earliest. The police will release the official forensic report and details to the family in the next few moments.
The autopsy on the body of Sridevi is complete and the death certificate is out. We have a copy of the report and shall update the readers soon.   
The death certificate mentions the cause of death as accidental drowning.
Her body is likely to be moved to the embalming unit soon. 

Sridevi drowned in her bathtub following a cardiac arrest, the report has confirmed. 
Social workers are working with the family members to complete the procedure of repatriation - the cancellation of passport, issuance of death certificate among others. 
Once all the documents are collected, the family members will be handed over the body after submitting the documents. 
The family is hopeful that the body might be ready for repatriation within next one hour.  

Khaleej Times has learnt that the forensic report for late actress Sridevi will be issued in about two hours. 
Death certificate for late actress Sridevi may be issued soon.
Indian Consulate officials suggested that all the procedures would be concluded by 2pm. A relative of the family, Saurabh Malhotra, has left the premises with the Indian consulate official and has been asked to return at 2pm.
An Indian Consulate official, accompanied by a family member, has been called inside the morgue. More details are awaited.
Matters should be concluded by 2pm, an Indian Consulate official has confirmed to Khaleej Times. The consulate official has left the premises along with the relative, Saurabh Malhotra. They have been asked to return by 2pm.
An official from the Indian Consulate, accompanied by a family member, has been called inside the morgue.
Dubai Forensic Department officials confirmed to Khaleej Times that a second autopsy will not be conducted on Sridevi's body.  
Forensic Department officials suggest that there could be a delay in releasing blood test and autopsy results of late Indian actress Sridevi.  
The atmosphere at the Forensics Department is becoming increasingly tense, as there are new incoming updates about uncertainty in the final test results.  
Officials have stated that it is very difficult to ascertain the exact time that Sridevi's body would be released to the family, as there are ongoing new developments in the case.  
They are suggesting that it could take a few more or several hours to release the body from forensics. 
Khaleej Times reporters have gathered that Sridevi's body is still in the morgue and we are several hours away from the body being released. No exceptions have been made in the case because Sridevi is an Indian celebrity and the results will come out depending on the nature of the case.  

Friends of the family has gathered out the Dubai Police's forensic department to pay their respects. 
Fans have gathered on Monday morning at the forensics department in the hope of catching a glimpse of the late superstar Sridevi.
Indian national from Bengalooru, Karnataka, India Shafi Abubakker wanted to ring in his 38th birthday at a restaurant with friends and family. But all he did was spend the evening listening and reliving his favourite Sridevi moments after he heard from his father that she had passed away the night before.
"The moment I checked Khaleej Times live feeds, I went into a state of shock and obviously my first reaction was it is not a day to celebrate... So I called the dinner off," he said.

The forensics department is yet to submit blood test results to Dubai Police for the release of actor Sridevi's body. It is not clear yet what the hold-up is, but the resuts are expected to be filed in the next couple of hours.
Latest update from outside the Dubai Police's forensic department, where Sridevi's body is awaiting clearance. 

Khaleej Times has now received an exclusive update from the Indian Consulate officials. Officials reveal that after receiving the Police Clearance and forensic report, the other procedures including, immigration and embalming would be completed in the next 3 to 4 hours.   
The officials are hopeful that Sridevi's body will be ready for repatriation with all the completed procedures by 1 to 2pm, Dubai time. 
Monday, 8.27am
Sridevi's body is still inside at Dubai Police's Forensic department on this Monday morning. Her last rites might not take place at 11 am India time, as was reported by the Indian media yesterday. 


More updates below

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What's left to be done once forensic reports are handed over:

* The body will be taken to Muhaisna for embalming. The process takes 90 minutes.
* Police need to issue a death certificate
* Indian consulate to cancel passport
* Immigration department to complete administrative procedures
* Public prosecutor to give permission to hand over the body
* Private plane to fly the body to India

8.20pm, Sunday, February 25 

On Sunday night, Boney Kapoor's spokesperson issued a statement on behalf of the bereaved families. According to the statement, Sridevi's body will be flown back to India tomorrow:
According to Indian media reports, the cremation is expected to take place on February 26 at 1pm.


Officials at the General Department of Forensic Evidence, Dubai, have confirmed that actor Sridevi's body will remain in the UAE for another night. She is likely to be flown back to India on Monday. Completion of laboratory tests, immigration procedures, administrative protocols, embalming and paper-work at the prosecutor's office are expected to continue for another night. Once completed, her body will be repatriated to India, where her funeral is expected to take place at Pawan Hans at Juhu, Ville Parle, Mumbai.


Sridevi's body will not be released on Sunday night, authorities have confirmed.


Officials have revealed that Sridevi's autopsy has been completed and the family is now awaiting laboratory reports conducted by the General Department of Forensic Evidence, Dubai.
Officials informed Khaleej Times that as per usual protocols, these tests take up to 24 hours in the case a person has died outside a hospital in Dubai. The same safety and administrative protocols are being followed by the police in this case as well.


About 19 hours after her death, Sridevi's body is yet to be handed over to her relatives as the autopsy is yet to be completed. The chief doctor conducting the autopsy has now left the laboratory even as some lab tests remain to be done.A team of doctors continues to conduct the autopsy, and only once the autopsy is complete will the body be shifted to the Muhaisna embalming centre before it can be flown out on a private jet to India. 


Officials of the forensics department have said that the autopsy is not yet complete, and police could take more time to complete procedures. Meanwhile, Sridevi's relatives keenly wait for the repatriation of her body.

It is said that Dr Khaled Alburaiki is performing the autopsy. An official said, "Since she is such a high-profile personality, we cannot rush the inquisition or the post-mortem procedures."

Procedures are ongoing at the General Department of Forensic Science and Criminology, and only once it is complete, will the body be moved to Muhaisana for embalming and other administrative procedures.
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Sridevi's body is yet to be released by officials at the forensics department. Family members and well-wishers are waiting outside the premises. One reason for the delay in releasing the body could be that office hours are now over. There are also rumours of foul play involved in Sridevi's death. Khaleej Times does not support these rumours, and further updates on Sridevi's demise will only be communicated by the concerned authorities in Dubai.


The body will be handed over to the family after completion of legal and administrative procedures, including cancellation of passport, immigration formalities, and getting permission from the public prosecutor at the Bur Dubai Police Station.


Sajid Valliyath, a Dubai-based legal representative, who was at the forensics department said:
"Today is a sad and dark day for Indians everywhere. She charmed audience by her memorable films and performances. My heart and thoughts are with her family and fans. I cannot express my sadness in enough words. My condolences to Indians everywhere."
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Indian Consulate officials confirmed that the inquest is going on.
"The family is now awaiting for the death certificate and a few other documents."




Sridevi's body was brought to the Dubai Forensics Department in the early hours of Sunday morning in an ambulance. Updates from sources in the forensics department have revealed that she was not taken to a hospital but directly moved to forensics at 2 am Sunday morning.


Several Indian fans and social workers living in Dubai have gathered at the Dubai Forensic Centre to pay their respects to the late actor.
A Dubai- based civil engineer Usman Mohammed Ibrahim, Indian national from Chennai, India has been waiting at the Dubai Forensics Centre since 10 am. He said, "I've seen her all her movies since my childhood. especially the Tamil movies. Her iconic dialogues in many movies still echo in my heart and ears," he said.
Indian Consulate officials are currently working closely with the local authorities to expedite the repatriation procedures.
Officials at the forensics department confirmed that her body will now be taken to the Muhaisana Medical Centre for embalming, after which it will be repatriated to India on a private jet.
Another Dubai-based social worker Nizar Nandi said, "I arrived here at 7 am this morning. This is one of the most shocking news of this year."

Indian Consulate officials are currently working closely with the local authorities to expedite the repatriation procedures. "Her mortal remains were handed over to the forensic department," the source added.
The Consulate officials confirmed that her body is currently at the police headquarters morgue in Al Qusais and a consulate employee is currently with the family, helping them expedite procedures for repatriation.
Consul General of India Vipul said, "We are working with the Dubai Police to expedite the procedure to repatriate her body to India."
Indian Ambassador to the UAE Navdeep Singh Suri tweeted his condolences to the family stating, "Absolutely shocked to get the report about the untimely demise of #Sridevi. Conveyed my condolences to the family. Our consulate in Dubai is working with local authorities to provide all possible assistance."

Meanwhile, Suri told Khaleej Times, "We are working with the local government and we are in touch with the family to help repatriate her body to India as soon as possible."
The actress was in the UAE to attend the wedding celebrations of her nephew Mohit Marwah.
The wedding function took place at the RAK Waldorf Astoria, which sources revealed the family checked out on Thursday, February 22. Since then, Sridevi and family moved to the Emirates Towers Hotel in Dubai.

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