Monkeypox: Will rashes remain after recovery? Dubai authority clarifies

The DHA answers some frequently-asked questions about the zoonotic viral disease


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Published: Thu 9 Jun 2022, 6:57 PM

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has answered some frequently-asked questions about monkeypox. This came as the authority shared a guide on the zoonotic viral disease on Thursday.

Q. Does a rash develop in every case of monkeypox? If yes, will the rash disappear completely or will it leave marks?

A. A rash is one of the main symptoms of monkeypox. The shape of the rash changes throughout the course of the disease until it reduces and disappears. The skin cells get renewed again. The disease may leave marks on the skin.

Q. If a person suspects he has monkeypox, which health facility should he/she go to?

A. Please refer to the nearest health centre or hospital.

Q. Which groups are at a higher risk of contracting the monkeypox infection?

A. - Healthcare workers.

- Persons in close contact with positive cases, and those who are in charge of taking care of the patients.

Q. What is the severity of the disease and the impact on the health of the individual?

A. The risk of infection or disease outbreak is small, as it requires a very close contact with an infected person or the infected person’s contaminated objects. The disease is self-limiting, with symptoms lasting from two to four weeks. Supportive care and symptomatic treatment is the main way to deal with the disease. Health authorities in the UAE are currently studying and evaluating the situation.

Q. Is there any medication I can take to protect myself from getting infected?

A. There is no specific medication or vitamins that you can take to protect yourself from contracting the virus. It is recommended to follow preventive and safety measures, in addition to following a healthy lifestyle and diet, and drinking sufficient amounts of water.


Q. If I had chickenpox when I was young, is there a chance of getting monkeypox?

A. There is a difference between chickenpox and monkeypox. Having chickenpox does not give you immunity against the monkeypox virus.

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