Have students stopped relying on their parents?

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Have students stopped relying on their parents?
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Dubai - The growing focus on education is definitely shifting student mindsets.

By Staff Reporter

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Published: Mon 20 Mar 2017, 8:50 PM

With the UAE seen as a focal point for innovation, it has been attracting a lot of attention in the education field of late. As such, we have seen the sector grow rapidly in recent years.
But as more and more university campuses come up here, and with tertiary education information now at every student's fingers tips, are parents feeling pushed out?
For Fazal Malik, programme leader for journalism and mass communication at Amity University Dubai, the growing focus on education is definitely shifting student mindsets. It is fostering independence among the youth, which in turn is promoting less reliance on parent decision making.
"For many students, especially of South Asian origin, it is their parents who have a big influence on what their children study and which career they follow.
"However, there is a gradual change in the mindset of parents as they see the jobs they did vanishing from the job market."
As such, they are becoming more receptive to the change that is being witnessed, he said. And they're becoming more open in a bid to ensure employability for their children. "Parents are more willing to discuss alternative education routes and pathways."
Courses once deemed obscure are now becoming more mainstream and they are reacting well to the shift, he added. But Malik said parents will only remain comfortable with the change if students are given the right tools to make the best choices for themselves.
"Here the role of career advisors and counsellors becomes very critical to educate parents and students about the choices and opportunities available to them."
One parent we spoke to, S.A. said although tradition has dictated that the last word in educational decision-making lies with the elders, online social networks are influencing many students today. They are making word of mouth reviews.  "When my daughter was searching for a university here, she used Facebook as her go-to source. When a current student would post something about their university, she would always pry and ask questions."
And as a mother, she said this was positive behaviour to see.
"She was taking a lead of her own life. While I will remain a constant source of advice for her, I think today's youth is a lot more independent and capable of making the right decisions for themselves."

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