Emiratis in the US told to be 'careful' after Trump win

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Emiratis in the US told to be careful after Trump win

Published: Sun 13 Nov 2016, 12:27 PM

Last updated: Mon 14 Nov 2016, 1:01 AM

The consulate-general of the UAE in Los Angeles has warned Emiratis to avoid the wave of protests sweeping the nation since Donald Trump won the presidential election earlier this week.
On his Twitter account, diplomat Abdulla Alsaboosi asked Emiratis to exercise caution and avoid areas where protests are being held and where there is a chance of violence and risk of attack.
"Verbal and physical harassment of foreigners has increased significantly over the past few days. Do not lose your life or your future arguing with an ignorant," tweeted Alsaboosi.
He also asked them to keep calm while dealing with harassment and assaults stemming from xenophobia and racism, and walk away from confrontation.
"We call on Emirati residents in the US to be careful and avoid approaching demonstrations that may subject them to violence or detention," said Alsaboosi.
The UAE consulate has placed the same posts on its Twitter account. However, no statement has been released by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.
Trump's presidential campaign was characterised by xenophobic remarks, which went as far as calling for a complete ban on Muslims from entering the US. However, the statement temporarily disappeared from his campaign's website shortly after his election.
Saeed Kayyani, an Emirati residing in the US, told Khaleej Times that he fears the consequences of Trump's hate remarks on Muslims.
"Life is not getting better for us," he said.
"Thankfully, I act enough to be safe from all of that. Also, I have really good friends here who act as a safety network for me," said Kayyani.
Hate crimes against Muslims started to surge in less than 24 hours from announcing Trump's victory in the elections.
Muslim women residing in the US took to social media to narrate hate incidents they had encountered, which prompted many of them to swap their hijabs for hats.
"I find it heartbreaking that Muslim women feel scared to wear their hijab in America. No one should be scared to practise their religion," tweeted a social media user.



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