Menorah: Men’s Mental Health, Redefined

Jayden John Jacob unveils the world's first free mental health app exclusively for men

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Jayden John Jacob and Ihzan Mohammad, COO, Menorah.
Jayden John Jacob and Ihzan Mohammad, COO, Menorah.

Published: Mon 29 Apr 2024, 11:52 AM

In a world where men’s mental health remains a stigmatized topic, a young entrepreneur from the UAE is breaking barriers with a groundbreaking initiative. Meet Jayden John Jacob, the 16-year-old CEO of Menorah, the world's first free mental health app exclusively for men. Hailing from Kerala, India, Jayden's journey is not just about business; it's a heartfelt mission fueled by personal tragedy.

For far too long, societal norms and expectations have stifled conversations about men's mental health. The prevailing notion that men must be strong, stoic, and invulnerable has had a detrimental impact on countless lives. It has forced many to suffer in silence, battling their inner demons alone.

Jayden John Jacob, CEO, Menorah.
Jayden John Jacob, CEO, Menorah.

Menorah is not just another startup; it's a passion project born out of loss. Jayden's inspiration came from the tragic demise of a close family friend. This friend, under immense stress, had blocked all contact, not wanting anyone to know about his struggles, causing his health to deteriorate over time eventually leading to his untimely death.

The incident deeply affected the young mind, highlighting the dire consequences of unattended mental stress. Determined to make a difference, Jayden took it upon himself to create a platform where men can seek help and support without fear or stigma. Despite his young age, the young CEO finances this groundbreaking venture from his earnings, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to the cause. Menorah is actively seeking investors to expand its reach and impact, recognising the immense potential of the app in revolutionising men's mental health support to men across the globe, for it is the first of its kind.

Menorah's app boasts a team of clinical psychology students from various universities worldwide. These students provide not only a unique chat service but a lending ear, allowing men to seek help or companionship from individuals who can empathise with their struggles and bridge the gap between professional help and peer support.

In addition to the chat service offered by clinical psychology students, Menorah offers ‘Man 2 Man’, a feature that enables men to volunteer to speak with other men in their age groups. This peer support system, divided into three age categories (15-18, 19-24, 25-35), fosters a sense of community and understanding among users, further destigmatising mental health discussions.

Despite being a young startup, Menorah has made significant strides. With a team of 100+ dedicated members, the organisation has already touched the lives of over 250,000 men worldwide through social media, website engagement, and the app itself. This relentless pursuit of excellence stems from a deep-rooted desire to grow further and ensure no man suffers in silence.

An integral part of Menorah's success is Ihzan Mohammad, the COO, whose dedication and expertise have been instrumental in shaping the app's development and growth. The dynamic duo has been pivotal in ensuring Menorah's effectiveness and reach. The latest addition to the board is Raghav Datta, the CINO, whose competence in identifying strategies and business opportunities for Menorah has been vital.

Menorah is moving forward with a vision of devising a strategic plan to obtain a user base comfortable enough to seek paid help. The company aims to hire fresh graduates from universities, offering them direct placement from college to ensure a dynamic and skilled workforce.

The revenue model includes a paid feature to chat with clinical psychologists, available on a minimal charge on an annual basis. This pricing structure is a fraction of the cost of conventional therapy, making mental health support more accessible and affordable.

Furthermore, the paid services will provide users access to various self-help features, tips, exercises, and 24/7 assistance.

Jayden's story is a reminder that age is no barrier to making a difference. With his unwavering determination and a team dedicated to the cause, Menorah is set to redefine how society views and addresses men's mental health.

Keeping in mind its motto, Menorah moves forward with its head held high, Redefining Mind Over Matter, every passing day.

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