UAE Minister of Education gives speech fully written by ChatGPT

'We've used AI to predict students’ outcomes and to streamline processes; we are very happy to teach it as a subject,' he says


Nandini Sircar

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Photo: Reuters
Photo: Reuters

Published: Tue 14 Feb 2023, 1:33 PM

Last updated: Tue 14 Feb 2023, 7:54 PM

“One thing that I would like you all to be aware of is that the speech that I just read out is fully written by AI. This is really not my style but something I insisted on. My communications team was on edge and advised me not to go ahead publicly as a Minister of Education with a pre-written speech by ChatGPT and I said that’s exactly what I want,” said Ahmed Belhoul Al Falasi, Minister of Education, UAE, on the second day of the World Government Summit 2023.

UAE embraces Generative AI in education sector

He adds, “Don’t demonise AI as it will be a part of our lives. So, I insisted that I use it to prove that it can deliver a pretty good speech."

"The UAE government, if I may say so, is the first government globally that has embraced AI fully. We’ve used AI to predict students’ outcomes and to streamline processes. We are very happy to teach AI as a subject. But now as we move to generative AI, which is an AI that can generate content we must understand that this is sensitive."

"We are now being pushed to the limit as educators to improve our assessment (systems). A calculator never made mathematics obsolete, a scientific calculator never made calculus obsolete. We should be committed as educators to improve our assessment systems."

He continued, "The onus right now is on us…to catch up with developing technology, to fully use AI, to be trained on how to use it and then make students write their own version of what they have learnt.”


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