Dubai: From honey soaps to candles, 5 creations beekeepers have at Hatta festival

The festival has introduced a range of natural and homemade products, showcasing the versatility of honey and its wax


SM Ayaz Zakir

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KT Photos: Muhammad Sajjad
KT Photos: Muhammad Sajjad

Published: Sat 30 Dec 2023, 11:40 AM

Last updated: Sun 31 Dec 2023, 3:12 PM

In the midst of the sweet festivities, Hatta Honey Festival has become a hub of discovery where beekeepers proudly showcase their home-made creations, unveiling the incredible possibilities hidden within the world of honey and beekeeping.

From 100 per cent natural candies to moisturising cream, the festival is beyond just honey, as it showcases creative wonders by beekeepers.

It has introduced a range of natural and homemade products, showcasing the versatility of honey and its wax.

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Here are five products to watch out for at the festival:

Fragrant honey wax candles

Do you love the smell of honey? Let the sweet scent take over your room with these natural candles.

The salesperson at the kiosk number 20 said that these candles are made with a mixture of honey and extracted wax. “Its 100 per cent natural and purely a beekeepers product."

Honey candies

As you approach the kiosks, the salesperson welcomes you by offering honey samples. Each have their own unique flavour. If you're yearning for exceptionally different candies, then these steal the spotlight. “These sweets are made by boiling honey at 300 degrees Celsius. It is then hardened, by immersing the boiled honey into a container with ice water,” said Ali, who made these candies.

Soaps made with honey, bee wax

Do you want to look younger with radiating skin? These soaps are infused with honey and bee wax extract.

Known for moisturising the skin, you can now experience honey's magic with every wash. These 100 per cent natural creations are carefully crafted to nourish and cleanse your skin, highlighting the amazing skincare benefits of honey. “These are made at home and are completely crafted from the bee hive,” Mashaer Muhammed Hassan.

“It is designed in the honey comb pattern from one side which helps to massage your skin,” added Mashaer.

Nourishing creams

Looking for a skincare routine that is 100 per cent natural and homemade? A beekeeper uses the waste from the beehive and creates a magical product that nourishes the skin. These homemade creations offer a natural way to pamper and revitalize your skin.

Chewy honey

One can experience honey in a whole new way with chewy treats. The festival has unveiled the sweet treat in exciting flavours like raspberry, lime, and ginger, and many more.

“These are introduced in the UAE for the first time. The adults prefer the locally produced honey like Sidr and Samr, however, children’s eyes are stuck to these. Once they taste it, its like wanting for more,” said Hassan Al Jabri, who infuses flavours into honey.

“These are healthy treats for the children,” added Al Jabri.


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