Social Media: Engaging Content Reigns Supreme

KT social media platforms stay ahead of its competitors because of its engaging content

By Ahmed Nokari

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Published: Tue 16 Apr 2024, 10:01 AM

Khaleej Times (KT) has been a reliable source of information since its launch on April 16, 1978. To stay up to date with current affairs and be aware of global and UAE-wide events, our audience subscribes to a variety of KT platforms including social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, X, and TikTok, among others.

Social media has become one of the powerful mediums for growing KT networks as it continues to be a dominant force in our lives. It is registering steady growth despite the challenging environment and stiff competition in the market.

There is no second opinion that content plays an important role in promoting print, online, and digital media. KT's interesting content helps it keep ahead of its competition, whether it's through short-form videos, Instagram reels, or YouTube shorts competing with TikTok for attention.

New ideas, challenges

While challenges like misinformation and privacy remain, the future holds the potential for more engaging, personalised, and potentially even healthier social media experiences.

KT social media platforms are likely to post steady growth in terms of users and engagement as we are constantly developing new ideas that target newer audience. Maintaining user trust and fostering engagement will be crucial for social media platforms' long-term success. However, platforms need to address issues such as fake news, online harassment, algorithmic biases, and mental health concerns to ensure a positive user experience. Advancements in technology, such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI), will shape the future of social media. Integrating these technologies into platforms can enhance user experiences and open new possibilities for content creation and interaction.

New digital platform

Social media is a dynamic force, constantly evolving. To retain its supremacy, KT is all set to introduce a new digital platform that will attract the biggest audience on social media today — GenZ.

The new platform will offer a meticulously curated selection of podcasts and interviews, categorised by theme and interest. In-depth interviews will delve into the minds of thought leaders, innovators, and captivating storytellers.

Video interviews allow viewers to witness the power of non-verbal communication and forge a deeper connection with the interviewee. It will not only ensure our growth on social media but also coping with the latest trends on the internet. Under the initiative, various podcast ideas will cover almost every aspect of the social media today. It includes exclusive interaction with influencers, specialists and experts in the fields of health and diet, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and artists, among others.

Targeting new audience

The latest initiative will play a pivotal role in attracting new audiences to various KT platforms. The new podcasts and shows will follow the trend of news today, sharing information in a simpler form besides giving tips and tricks.

We are confident of diversifying our audiences by attracting new subscribers to our social media platforms. The new digital move is expected to draw new audience that will not only be interested in news but looking for information and entertainment. In addition, we will launch a new series of information shows to entertain young audience and engage them on our social media platform.

KT will be offering content suitable for everyone from the ages of 13 till the age of 60 on social media.

The Rising Numbers

  • Facebook —3.9 million
  • Twitter — 1 million
  • Insta — 941k
  • Youtube — 443k
  • Tiktok —121k


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