KT Events & Conferences: Broadening Influences

The division sets sights on GCC region with the BIT Riyadh and Doha Series

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KT Events has enriched its offerings by organising distinct summits designed to cater to specific sectors.
KT Events has enriched its offerings by organising distinct summits designed to cater to specific sectors.

Published: Tue 16 Apr 2024, 10:22 AM

Khaleej Times Events & Conferences (KT Events) has established as one of the most significant players of the UAE's growing meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions industry. The division introduced a series of events in the past seven years and has emerged as an influential stakeholder of the MICE sector.

Since 2017, KT Events has successfully organised critical dialogues on innovation, technology, and sustainable development. This journey is integral to Khaleej Times' 46-year legacy and showcases the newspaper’s unwavering pursuit of excellence and impact in the UAE and beyond.

The division boasts groundbreaking events that have brought communities together and propelled sectors forward. For instance, the Banking Innovation and Technology-BIT Summit has become a pivotal forum for discussing the future of finance, attracting industry leaders to debate the dynamic landscape of digital banking and fintech.

Similarly, CX Evolve has emerged as a crucial forum for customer experience professionals, focusing on the latest trends and strategies to enhance customer engagement in an increasingly competitive market.

KT Events' devotion to sustainable development is evident through forums like the Net-Zero Conference, which addresses the urgent need for action against climate change and outlines practical steps for industries to reduce their carbon footprints. The New Age Finance and Accounting-NAFA Summit offers insights into navigating the complexities of modern financial ecosystems and provides solutions to tackle global economic shifts.

The Middle East Digital Health Forum, rebranded as the Future of Healthcare-FOH Summit, is a gathering that showcases digital transformation in health services. The forum highlights innovations that promise to enhance patient care and operational efficiencies, aiming to propel the discussion around the future of healthcare in the region, a sector of paramount importance.

KT Events has enriched its offerings by organising distinct summits designed to cater to specific sectors. Events like Desert Drive and TRIBE — The CMO Summit showcase this diversity, offering consumers a unique adventure experience and providing a platform for chief marketing officers to engage in deep industry discussions. Similarly, The UAE-India Real Estate Show, UniExpo, i3-Innovate Inspire, and Influence Summit- The CEO Forum, The Future of Insurance, Tax, Investment and Meta Forums initiatives are tailored to specific interests, underlining the division's commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion and facilitating cross-border investment dialogues.

Looking ahead, the expansion into the GCC region with the BIT Riyadh and Doha Series signifies KT Events' unyielding ambition to broaden its influence and foster a dialogue that transcends geographical boundaries. This expansion is a testament to the division's success and a strategic move to engage with a broader audience and integrate more communities into these vital conversations.

KT Events’ future vision is one of continued growth and innovation. The division aims to be at the forefront of global trends, driving discussions that address today's challenges and anticipate tomorrow's needs. The goal is to host events and create platforms that inspire action, encourage collaboration, and contribute to a sustainable and prosperous future.

Nilesh Devadia, Khaleej Times' Director of Business Development, remarked on KT Events' vision: "We aim to bridge communities and sectors, fostering an ecosystem where innovation and dialogue propel us forward. Through our diverse range of events, we are not just hosting conversations but creating platforms for sustainable growth and collective advancement."

As KT Events looks to the future, it intends to leverage its rich history of impactful dialogues to foster a world that values knowledge, embraces change, and is committed to positively impacting the planet and its inhabitants. KT Events aims to maintain its leadership position in convening industry dialogues, inspire actionable insights, encourage cross-sector collaboration, and significantly contribute to the sustainable development of the professional community it serves.

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